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Singapore Companies Set New Standards in Environment Protection Initiatives



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Climate change and other environmental concerns are at the front of many people’s minds in Asia. Last year, Eco Business Magazine published an article showing that young people in Asia are especially concerned about the state of the environment.

Unfortunately, not enough progress is being made in many parts of Asia, including Singapore. One poll showed that most Singapore companies are worried about the environment. However, not enough take the right steps.

The good news is that some companies are finally starting to change that. They are starting to make a big mark by setting new environmental standards.

Singapore Companies Start Setting New Standards to Improve the Environment

There are a number of companies in Singapore that are starting to help the environment. One of them is the Giti Tire Company.

Giti Tire Company is a global tire manufacturer that is highly concerned about sustainability, conservation, and transparent business practices. This environmentally-friendly company is headquartered in Singapore and cares about the world we all share. It has helped cut down on waste and material usage within its factories and continues to make a difference through supporting organizations and communities with an emphasis on caring for the environment.

Giti Tire Company partners with several organizations who share their belief in the importance of protecting the environment, especially Conservation International. They have developed clean, green systems for producing high-quality products in sustainable, responsible, and transparent ways. Giti Tire continually seeks to heighten the quality of life for every living thing. Here are some ways Giti Tire Company is seeking sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices:

#1. Responsible Sourcing

There are a lot of unregulated and irresponsible ways of producing raw rubber to use in tires. Recently, there have been more stirs within the tire manufacturing community about this issue as environmentally-concerned organizations have stepped in. However, Giti Tire Company bypasses any practice which may have negative effects on wildlife habitats and forests. They are a strong advocate for social responsibility and conservation.

Most of the raw rubber used in tire production comes from rubber trees growing in Southeast Asia. In recent years, the World Wildlife Fund and other environmentally-concerned organizations have shed light on some of the damaging practices being used within the billion-dollar rubber industry. Many thousands of acres have been illegally used to obtain rubber milk from rubber trees, and countless animals and forests have been affected by the insensitive practices of some rubber producers. This has also affected those living in nearby areas.

However, this is a changing predicament which is increasingly getting attention from tire manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, and other companies associated with the consumption of natural rubber. Giti Tire Company communicates with those whom they buy raw rubber from, making sure the practices they use are responsible and trackable.

Giti has found responsibly-sourced materials to produce high-quality tires, without sacrificing forests, animals, or the happiness of people. They have pledged themselves to be a transparent practice company.

#2. Green Production Process

During the tire creation process which Giti’s factories go through, there are many opportunities to go use sustainable materials, follow the system of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” and seek ways to optimize the production process so that needless waste or consumption is continually shrinking.

Over the last twenty years in which Giti Tire Company has been working towards a green system, it has been able to significantly reduce its usage of freshwater and coal. It has also worked towards using renewable energy sources and reducing harmful emissions of water, gas, and pollution.

An increase in production automation and efficiency has allowed Giti Tire to minimize their own impact on the environment and turn their attention to other pressing matters, such as wildlife protection programs, planting trees, and general quality control.

#3. Conservation Programs

Giti Tire’s Executive Chairman and Managing Director serves on the Board of Directors for Conservation International, a nonprofit organization devoted to the protection of the environment. Giti Tire Company has reached out many times to help Conservation International with its honorable efforts, such as:

  • Freshwater conservation in China
  • Raising awareness for sustainability and transparency in Singapore among business leaders and companies
  • Protecting endangered species habitats in Sumatra (including giant pandas and orangutans)
  • Replanting forests in depleted areas
  • Contributing to the development of Marine-Protected areas
  • Protecting forests and natural habitats in China

Giti Tire continues to work with Conservation International and several other environmental organizations which contribute to sustainability and social responsibility. The company also works within its community and communities surrounding its factories to better the environment and raise awareness for sustainability.

#4. Sea Life Support

Another way Giti Tire Company is lending its efforts to the betterment of the environment is by providing support for shark-tracking in partnership with Conservation International. The business even has its own shark named after Giti! They also have helped track the largest type of fish in the world.

The tracking of sharks allows Conservation International and Giti Tires to see in real time where the sharks are traveling. This may help with the worsening issue of sharks being killed off, which is affecting the marine economy greatly and will begin to have negative effects on creatures depending on it, including humans.

Tracking sharks will help to keep them safe from illegal hunting. Hopefully, we can heal the detrimental side effects carelessness may sometimes cause for the sea life below.

#5. Certification and Progression

Giti Tire Company is certified ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 14000, which is an environmentally-oriented quality control system. You can see the standards they adhere to here. Giti Tire Company’s supply chain system is also fully “green-integrated,” and carefully protects its employees and factories. In the nations where they function, they are have qualified safety, environmental, health, and quality management.

In each of the 8 factories which it owns, Giti Tire Company stresses and constantly works towards environmental protection and improvement. With consumers in more than 130 countries and an ever-growing market interested in environmental cleanliness, Giti Tire is happy to work towards sustainable materials and honest environmental practices.

Passion for Environment Protection

Between efforts to improve tire manufacturing so that it is as transparent and wasteless as possible, and reaching out to support other organizations such as Conservation International and WWF, Giti Tire Company has made itself a priceless contributor to the protection of the environment. Besides efforts to protect forests and endangered species such as orangutans and pandas, Giti Tire has also reached out to marine life in an effort to better the economy there.

Giti Tire Company is rapidly growing and with its growth, it is changing environments all over the world, whether in China, under the waves, or in the U.S. Through supporting responsibly-sourced rubber and seeking ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we can join Giti Tire and other organizations in a mission to protect and regrow our planet.

Singapore Companies Are Starting to Make Real Progress on Environmental Issues

Environmentalism is a major concern in Singapore. The good news is that a lot of companies are finally starting to make headway on this issue. The Giti Tire Company has shown that it is possible to drastically reduce the environmental footprint and start making progress in the fight against climate change.


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