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Considering how pollution has affected the environment and how many worrying issues that have been triggered on the matter, people are more aware of green practices than ever. Businesses and individuals have started to adopt eco-friendly practices, in order to reduce the negative impact their daily activities have on the environment. If you have recently started thinking about this topic yourself, you may be wondering what exactly you need to do to become a green activist yourself.

Cotop has listed over 20 ways that you can live a greener lifestyle. Some of these tips are better than others, but they can all make a huge difference if done right. The first changes should be pursued in your daily life, small actions that matter and can inspire others to follow your example. The following article indicates a few suggestions on how to make your life more green, so give them some thought:

1. Replace appliances with energy-efficient ones

A green life starts right at home, and one of the actions that have been pursued by numerous homeowners with an interest of greening their life is replacing current, outdated appliances with star rated ones. Nowadays, you have an energy efficiency equivalent for almost any device in your household, starting with your coffee maker and up to your dishwasher.

You might be surprised by how much of a difference it can make by changing appliances. Some hair dryers have 330% the carbon footprint of others.

Although you may not be able to replace all appliances at once, when something breaks or you are in need of a new device for your home, make sure to look solely at the options that are labeled as green. This will not only allow you to maintain a greener lifestyle, but can also help you save some money on your electricity bills – so this will be a win-win scenario.

2. Switch to an electric vehicle

The market for green, electric cars is growing by 30% a year. There is a good reason for that. They are environmentally friendly!

If you are commuting to work every day, you have probably thought on more than one occasion on your carbon footprint. Driving on a daily basis certainly isn’t good for the environment, and considering how many others are in your position, gas emissions have become a serious concern. Because replacing your auto with a bicycle might not be possible in all cases, nor taking the bus or ride-sharing, another alternative you have is switching to an electric vehicle. This sort of cars run on electricity instead of regular fuel, so you will no longer have to worry about emissions, and your carbon footprint will be reduced.

With so many advanced tech features, these types of cars are also quite pleasant to drive, so a switch will be enjoyed from multiple points of view. And yes, buying an electric vehicle can be quite the investment, considering their price range is a bit expensive, but in the long run, you will conclude each penny was worth spending. And with so many financing solutions for electric vehicles available nowadays, you can get the monetary support you need on the matter. Simple compare various lenders and their offers on car loans, and if you follow some necessary steps, your loan application will be approved in no time and you’ll have the money you need to become the proud owner of a green auto – it will certainly be a satisfactory purchase.

3. Prevent food waste

Whether it’s cooking smaller portions and shopping for less food or starting to consumer leftovers instead of throwing them out, another change that any person should focus on is reducing or preventing food waste. If you look into statistics, you will see the worrying numbers in terms of how much food is thrown away on a daily basis, some of which still edible, the majority of households dealing with this particular problem. Think twice before throwing something away and try to be more responsible with your choices in this department. A small detail of this kind could make a difference if everyone would start focusing on making the change.

4. Cut down on plastic!

From no longer buying water bottled in plastic containers (buy a water filter and start consuming tap water instead), to bringing a canvas bag with you when shopping instead of getting a plastic one at the store, there are numerous things you could do to cut down or even cut off your plastic usage. It may seem difficult, considering that this material is found in our everyday life, but with a bit of effort, you will be able to make a change. Plastic waste has become a serious problem nowadays, so it’s something you need to think about.

5. Recycle, recycle, recycle!

Recycling is a practice that has been promoted for quite some time now, numerous households starting to pay attention to this particular lifestyle habit, but it cannot be stressed enough just how important recycling actually is. You should have at your disposal bins to separate your waste and you should also collaborate with the right recycling companies to help you dispose of your recycled trash in a correct manner. And remember that metal recycling is just as important as plastic, paper and glass, so anytime you are thinking about throwing away an appliance or an item out of metal, make sure it goes where it should.

6. Turn it off!

Any time you are not using an appliance, make sure to switch it off and even unplug it. Keeping your devices in standby mode is just a waste of energy, and something you can easily avoid. Simply hit the off switch of the appliance when you are done using it and you will certainly manage to improve your energy conservation habits and thus, once again, reduce your carbon footprint. It’s easy and the effects will be noticeable when looking over your utility bills.

As you can see, there are a few things you are actually able to do to green up your life, some of each extremely easy and convenient. You don’t need to go out of your way to pursue an eco-friendly way of life, some small adjustments being all it takes to embark on this journey. Start with the few suggestions pointed out in this article and you can come up with other solutions later on, if you want to become an even more involved green activist. It all starts with you, so implement these changes as quickly as you can.

Start Making these Changes and Live Greener

There are a load of ways that you can live a greener lifestyle. You just need to know what steps to take. Following these tips can cause you to cut your carbon footprint in half or more!


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