Top 5 Things Environmental Lawyers Could Do to Save Earth



The environment is the surrounding where humans live; without a better environment, humans will perish. Sadly, there are human activities such as mining, deforestation, fishing and many more affect our environment. Because of this, humans should come and reason together on ways of how they could help save the planet earth. Lawyers and more specifically, environmental lawyers should play a bigger role in ensuring that our environment is safe to live in. Below are some of the ways in which environmental lawyers can save the earth.

1)    Drafting Environmental Laws

Lawyers are the lawmakers and they understand it better. Environmental lawyers should then draft bills that will help save earth. Strong laws are tools that the environmental lawyers can use to find solutions to the problems the planet earth is facing. When lawyers can be able to combine their legal expertise with laws formulated, it is a guarantee that they can agree and come up with real and workable solutions that will help solve the epidemic earth is facing.

2)    Steering Campaigns in Line with The Law

This is one of the ways of how a lawyer can help improve the planet. It is an important thing to hold campaigns in various parts of the world, but does it make sense when there is no law supported to it? Honestly, people will not take it seriously when there are no laws guiding the campaigns. That is why it is important to hold campaigns across the world, but in line with the law. This way, people will take it seriously and will know there are consequences for anyone who neglects it.

3)    Improve Environmental Democracy

The lawyers should work round the clock to ensure that there is a level playing field for all to take action on environmental issues. There should be no superior; not even the government. The environmental law makers can create awareness to the public such that they can be able and free to challenge any pernicious attack on the environment.

Despite the push for democracy, there are still obstacles to legal remedy in some countries, especially in the European Union. Citizens are not granted the full freedom to move to court in case there is any issue that needs legal address.

4)    Making Fish Sustainable by Law

Environmental lawyers can make fishing sustainable by law using their legal expertise. Already the European Union has put in place measures that will see them protect their fish stocks. The only challenge is the landmark issue. This pursuit may not pass though as it is facing opposition from the Council of Ministers. All the same, the European parliament is working round the clock to ensure this pursuit is achieved.

5)    Enacting Stringent Laws Protecting the Forests

It is sad that up to date man is still cutting down trees without replacing those which they cut down. This is where the environmental lawyers should come in and come up with stringent laws that will regulate cutting down of trees. This will help reduce the rate at which trees are cut every year.

The environment is very important. People should first understand that with a poor environment, they cannot sustain themselves. They should then realize that there is need to protect the environment. It shouldn’t only be lawyers’ affair; it should start with every individual.


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