Toxic Chemical Report Published Ahead of EU Decision



A week today, on Wednesday 22 June, the European Commission will come together to make a decision over endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Today, ahead of next Wednesday’s decision, Stéphane Horel, Journalist at the Corporate Europe Observatory has published a report focused on Europe’s EDC journey so far. Horel’s report A Toxic Affair: Season Finale is available to read now.

EDCs are chemicals that are present in everyday products – from plastics and cosmetics to pesticides. Because of their ability to interact with the hormonal (endocrine) systems of living organisms, they are suspected of having serious health and environmental impacts. The EU is supposed to regulate EDCs, but the first step – establishing scientific criteria to identify them – has not even been taken due to a massive industry lobbying campaign.

Today the European Commission is expected to announce the long-awaited scientific criteria on EDCs.

You can read the full story of the twists and turns of this political thriller here.


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