Video: Sense in Sustainability by Alliance Trust Investments



Alliance Trust Investments recently took to the road in an effort to dispel some of the myths circulating around the sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) sector.

Covering 28 towns and cities across the UK, including Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford, Birmingham and London, they met financial advisers, green and otherwise, to talk about key sustainability themes.

And now, the Sense in Sustainability tour, as it was called, has been transformed into three videos, in which Alliance Trust’s head of SRI Peter Michaelis explains more about this burgeoning investment sector as well as its seven-strong Sustainable Future fund range.

The three-part series, links to which can be found below, is an essential watch to gain greater insight into how fund managers in this space are responding to key sustainability challenges.

Part one:

Looking at the history of sustainable and responsible investing (SRI) and the different types of investing.

Part two:

Looking at Alliance Trust’s four key themes and how these shape the basis for all its investment decisions.

Part three:

Detailing some interesting stock examples to highlight Alliance Trust’s investment process.

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