Volvo gets highest possible score for carbon disclosure



The Volvo Group receives the highest score of 100 points for Disclosure and rates A for Performance when the international organization CDP, reports environmental results in relation to carbon footprint for some 2,000 global businesses.

The 2015 result, 100 A, is an improvement from last year’s score of 100 B, meaning the Volvo Group has improved its carbon disclosure performance even further since 2014.

“Environmental care is a core value and a prioritized area for the Volvo Group. We have a clear strategy for climate change and a good system for executing this strategy,” comments Niklas Gustavsson, EVP Corporate Sustainability & Public Affairs.

The Volvo Group has been reporting climate results to the CDP since 2004 and was the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to be approved to participate in the WWF Climate Savers program, where public commitments are made on CO2 reductions among other areas.

The Volvo Group is further engaged in several environmental activities, of which some examples are fuel efficiency on products, research and development of alternative fuels, lower emissions from products as well as energy and resource efficiency improvement in production. Lobbying for a new generation of public transport solutions with electric and hybrid buses is another important area. You can read more in the Volvo Group Sustainability Report.


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