Walking Drastically Cuts Your Carbon Footprint – And Helps Your Waistline



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We are extremely reliant on our vehicles these days. Sometimes we are too reliant on them, and that’s not a great thing for our carbon footprint. This is taking a toll on the environment, which can have lasting consequences for years to come.

Driving Is The Biggest Cause Of Global Warming

However, many of us are guilty of using our vehicles even when we don’t have to such as driving to the shops that are only a ten-minute walk away. A lot of people even go for a drive in the evening just to burn stress.

Unnecessary driving is leaving a large carbon footprint. In fact, they are the single biggest cause of global warming. Experts agree that cars contribute 26% of all manmade greenhouses gases that are released into the atmosphere. By contrast, energy production only accounts for 25% of the carbon footprint. We need to start reducing the time that we spend driving if we want to preserve our world.

Walking Is Better For The Environment – And Our Health

The good news is that there is plenty that we can do to reduce our dependence on automobiles, which reduces our global carbon footprint. The United Kingdom has reduced its carbon footprint from vehicles by 41% since the 1990s by encouraging customers to use other transportation options.

Walking is the best way to help the environment. One study concluded that walking a mile and a half would release 75% less greenhouse gases than we would produce from driving the same distance.

Driving less doens’t just help the environment. It can also make us healthier. By reducing our car usage, we can help both ourselves and the environment. Many people want to go green these days and reducing the amount of time you spend driving your vehicle is one way of doing this. In fact, there are many benefits that come with reducing car usage and it can help you in many difference ways.

Some of the ways reduced car usage can help the environment and our health

One of the key ways in which you can benefit from reducing the amount of time you spend behind the wheel is by saving money. It costs a lot to run a car. Even though we’ve all heard about stiff industry competition and technology making car insurance more affordable, this is still a major cost for many people. However, this is a cost you cannot avoid as a motorist. What you can avoid is using huge amounts of gas because you keep driving around on short journeys where you could realistically walk or cycle if you have a bike. This uses far more fuel and if you ditch the car for these shorter journeys you will be financially better off.

Another key benefit that comes from using the car less and walking or cycling more is that you can get fit. Many people these do not get enough exercise and this can lead to weight gain, health problems, and lack of fresh air. Rather than spending loads of money joining a gym which you still probably drive to, simply start walking or cycling more. That way, you can get yourself fit without spending money on costly memberships. In fact, you can save money while getting fit by reducing your fuel costs.

Finally, there is the environment benefit of using your vehicle less, as it means you will not be releasing emissions as much as you currently do. While you may think that you walking to the shops rather than driving won’t make much of a difference to the environment in the grand scheme of things, imagine what would happen if everyone thought that. It is little things like this that can make a huge difference when millions of individuals put it into place. If we all decided to walk more and drive less, it could make a massive difference to the health of our planet and environment.

Drive Less And Walk More!

Driving has been shown to be terrible for the environment. If you want to make a difference by reducing our carbon footprint and reducing your risk of diabetes and heart disease, then it is time to stop driving so much and begin walking more.

So, next time you are thinking of jumping behind the wheel to go on a short journey, hang those keys back up, get your walking shoes on, and enjoy a health stroll instead. It will make a huge difference in your life and the environment.


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