6 Ways That Steel Building Structures Are Eco-friendly



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Steel-framed buildings are increasingly getting more popular by the day. They have found use in both residential and industrial building to the extent that you wonder why the sudden shift in preference to steel buildings than the traditional brick buildings.

The reason for the increased shift in preference for steel-frame buildings over bricks is not far-fetched. They are more environmentally friendly than regular building bricks.

If you are still contemplating whether to use steel-frames for your next project, here are 6 ways steel buildings structures are the most eco-friendly materials to use. If these reasons don’t satisfy you, please by all means do diligent background research on the place of steel-framed buildings. Let’s dive in:

1. With steel buildings you have lower amounts of construction wastes

The pre-engineered nature of steel frames translates to shorter construction times and less construction waste than any other building materials in the market. The erection process is streamlined because of the pre-fabricated framework from the construction companies. This helps to reduce machinery and the time needed in the job site.

There are little leftovers materials to litter the construction site after the building has been erected or completed.  Contrast that with wood material that needs to be cut on-site and you will discover the huge amount of waste left behind.

Wood can leave as high as 20% waste in construction sites while steel-frames only leave about 2% waste on-site. Besides, steel is one of the most recyclable building materials today

2. Reduce energy cost

Apart from toxic metals like titanium, steel is one of the most durable building materials in the world today. The structural integrity of the building is hardly compromised by damaging weather conditions and UV. The structural insulation offered by steel frames allows them to keep conditioning for a long time during summer and heat during winter.

3. Solar Powered Options

Solar panels bring with them an additional weight that not all building construction materials can bear. In addition to the thicker insulating capability of steel frames they are also sturdy enough to bear the weight from multiple solar panels.

By creating your own energy, you reduce electricity bills. A steel roof makes it easy to implement solar energy and other eco-friendly energy-saving elements.

4. Steel buildings are durable

Whenever renovations are required of a building, a reasonable amount of energy is expended. Whether it’s in getting the renovation equipment and structures to the site or the actual renovation process, energy is required. A steel building is the most eco-friendly alternative because they require the least amount of renovation. Their design allows them to withstand the toughest of weathers and natural elements that traditional bricks won’t survive.

Remember that steel is resistant to termites, destructive insects and is reasonably more fireproof than wood. All these characteristics make steel buildings more durable than others.

5. Green building standards

The two leading green construction certifying companies are National Green Building Program that focuses on residential buildings and the US Green Building Council that is geared towards commercial and residential buildings.  The underlying characteristics of steel-buildings as strong, low maintenance and energy-efficient structures mean they meet major greenhouse certifications.

More and more cities are beginning to see the need to protect the earth and are passing greenhouse laws that construction companies must adhere to.  The use of steel as a viable eco-friendly material is gaining in popularity these days.

6.  Eco-friendly Production process

Steel companies around the world have been working hard to produce more energy-efficient plants with zero emissions. They have succeeded at it. Nowadays it’s commonplace to find steel plants with zero carbon emission making steel construction a more eco-friendly alternative than wood construction.

The best part is that the water used to generate steel is completely recyclable.


After reading this post on 6 reasons why steel-framed materials are the most eco-friendly to build with, hopefully we have cleared any doubts in your mind to the efficacy of steel. What is holding you back?  Go ahead and plan out your next project incorporating more steel designs than you used to in the past.

Steel designs are very convenient, affordable and more sustainable than other alternative structures.


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