World Water Day: long-term opportunities in investing in water



Sustainable investment house Impax Asset Management has said that investors should be looking at how to tackle future water-related challenges, as part of World Water Day 2013.

Impax, a specialist in resource efficiency and cleantech investment, commented on the long-term environmental, social and financial benefits of managing water resources wisely and sustainably.

Policymakers and investors worldwide are recognising the need to develop global resources in a sustainable manner and increase regulation around the development, treatment and usage of global water resources”, said Simon Gottelier, Impax’s water strategy manager.

High growth and long-term investment opportunities exist in companies that are developing and providing solutions to meeting the world’s water challenges.”

Impax also stressed the importance of predicting and dealing with major challenges related to population, extreme weather conditions, climate change, urbanisation and industrial development. All these issues, it says, are likely to threaten global water supply.

The firm has developed an investment strategy that covers these key areas, in order to achieve long-term benefits.

The creation of modern water infrastructure and the promotion of new technologies and new ways to assess water quality are some of the points that it says require attention.

Tomorrow’s investors will need to provide intelligent management strategies to not only responsibly address the future problems, but also capitalise on some profitable, sustainable investment opportunities.

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