2013 sustainable energy provider of the year: Ovo Energy



Ovo Energy, based in Bristol, is Blue & Green Tomorrow’s 2013 sustainable energy provider of the year.

A relatively new player having launched in 2009, the firm’s managing director Stephen Fitzpatrick made headlines in October, when he appeared before the House of Commons energy committee.

Sitting alongside bosses from big six firms E.ON, SSE and Npower, Fitzpatrick’s no holds barred approach was a refreshing change from the corporate jargon that big business dips into all too often.

He said the big six was monopolising the energy market and charging customers as much as they felt they could get away with.

You will never find the money. These people are the best filibusterers in the business”, he said of the big six’s profits.

It looks to me like a lot of energy companies, a significant number of the big six, are charging the maximum price they feel they can get away with to the customers that they feel will not switch under any circumstances.”

He added, “Competition is the only way to keep bills down.

While it may not be the greenest supplier on the market, Ovo does offer a 100% renewable electricity tariff alongside its standard tariff (15% of which is from clean sources like wind and solar).

Ethical Consumer magazine gives it a 13.5 rating out of 20 for its green electricity credentials and 13 out of 20 for its gas tariffs. Meanwhile, consumer group Which? says 74% of customers are satisfied with the serve Ovo provides.

Highly commended: Good Energy and Ecotricity, for providing clean energy to thousands of people across the UK, and freezing their prices for the winter when the big six firms had pushed up theirs

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