3 Extremely Sensible Eco-Friendly Storage Options For Lockdown Homes



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There are a lot of sustainable living tips that eco-conscious consumers should take into consideration. Some of them will bring bigger environmental benefits than others. However, this doesn’t mean that other environmentally friendly behavioral changes aren’t important.

One eco-friendly change that you should make is choose how to store extraneous things in your home. This may be especially important during the quarantine.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 lockdown has caused even higher levels of stress around the globe. With little respite available until an effective vaccine is in place, the need to find a way to organize an overcrowded house has never been greater.

Even if your home is not overcrowded yet, you should explore these options to make the most of the space available.

Putting Garages and Garden Sheds To Use

Many families have already had to tidy up their garages. Some have converted them into additional living space, and others use them to provide an isolation space where items can sit for a few days before being brought into their home.

A good cleaning followed by the installation of some shelving or spare bookcases can help transform an underutilized space to provide some extra much needed storage space. A quick way to do this is by simply bagging up or vacuum packing all your winter clothing and bedding and storing it out of the house. That extra indoor space can be used to store extra furniture and the clutter from common areas which can create the feeling of more space.

Here is how to make the most of them: Obtain some extra-large double sealed bags and squeeze out all the air or purchase some vacuum sealed bags which usually come with a pump. Make sure that the seal is airtight and double bag it to help ensure that that it will be ready for immediate use when the weather turns warmer.

Smart Use Of External Storage Facilities

Whether or not you are in the situation of juggling timing issues related to a move, look for reasonably priced external storage is always a smart idea. Many offers cut price deals for the first two to three months, which can provide some welcome relief from an overcrowded home. Most storage facilities have controlled entrances with CCTV footage, and some can even provide 24-hour access to your unit so this option may be just the right answer to your family’s overcrowding problems. Remember to ensure the value of your stored items to provide extra piece of mind.

Using external facilities helps you get the exact size that you need to try living without all your stuff an arm’s length away. You may never become a “minimalist,” but it is a good way to keep what you think you may need in the future. Some eco-friendly firms will even provide both the boxes and the people to help pack and move your goods into their storage facilities. This reduced both the risk of personal injury using those experienced with moving items as well as reducing the total number of trips needed.

How to make the most use of external storage facilities: Label your boxes clearly, top and side with contents as well as their relative weight. Your friendly mover can then make sure they are grouped together with the heavy boxes on the bottom. If you are putting shelves or spare bookcases into storage, perhaps think about using them as ways to organize and remember to organize.

Many people have also found that tote boxes can be very good storage options. However, it is important to make sure that they are sealed properly and that you purchase ones that are weatherproof.

Furniture With Hidden Storage Built In

If you are redecorating or replacing much needed furniture, why not consider options which have storage already built into their design? Expand your expectation from a small underbed drawer to having the whole of the bed length and width providing much needed storage. Even kids will appreciate how quickly they can tidy up their room with the clever use of dividers to keep their stuff, and probably their dirty laundry out of sight.

Investing in a bed with huge hidden storage and built in shelving makes much more sense than spending a fortune on plastic storage boxes. Even the tiniest rooms can be transformed by providing a place for everything. Platform beds at cabinet height can provide much more storage area, though they may test your DIY hacking skills to the limit.  Look to YouTube for inspiration on how others have tackled this tricky problem.

Hidden storage options can be found for virtually every furniture option you can imagine. Take the time to explore the difference they can make to your home. Sofas come with hidden storage, and a sofa bed may be just the thing to reward good behaviors and create some bedtime separation. Coffee table options with hidden storage are a good way to keep family games out of sight until they are needed.

Overcrowded Homes Create Challenges

In addition to making additional storage space for the things you want to keep, there are thousands of no cost things anyone can do to provide some much-needed respite. For instance, setting up chill time or even a chill area to provide a much-needed quiet space alone time can pay huge dividends. Covered cube storage boxes are a good way to help organize some of the necessary clutter and are easy to tuck away on a high, over the top of the door level shelf when not in use.

Taking a break from a crowded house daily to get much needed Vitamin D and exercise is a good way to keep the walls from feeling like they are closing in on everyone. It may also help take the edge of excess energy, as will simply cutting out sugar or caffeine loaded foods and drinks. Make the most of the weather and build some happy memories and stick to making time even when work priorities crowd your schedule

Eco-Friendly Storage Options Are Important During the Lockdown

Are you trying to live a sustainable lifestyle during the lockdown? You will want to make some changes with the way that you store things. You may find that some eco-friendly changes will make a big difference.


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