4 Things Every Green Businesses Can Share with Other Businesses for Lower Expenses



The challenges of making a profit when you run a green business are many, but studies do indicate that there are 28 million small firms in the United States. The size of your company can have an impact on your bottom line. However, one way to assist you in paying less on a routine basis for services is by sharing these with another small business. There are many ways you can put this plan into action; being aware of how to do so is the key to your ultimate success.

Conference rooms

Every green business must operate on a tight margin. It’s possible that you may need to use the conference area to conduct numerous business meetings. This is a space where you can work with other businesses and save money. You also reduce your carbon footprint, which is one of the primary goals of every green organization.

When you rely on a conference scheduler to coordinate the dates and times with this project, things are sure to go smoothly. Simply taking the time to consult with other business owners in your area is certain to be an ideal way for you to work together and reduce your overall company costs.


When it comes to having an individual that will answer the phone and greet customers or clients for your company, this is an important role green businesses must address. In fact, the receptionist can help make the right or wrong impression for your business immediately.

Taking the time to find a qualified person to do this job is sure to be one of the better investments you can make. You can offset the annual costs of this position by sharing your receptionist with another small company owner. This is a great idea to help you conserve funds and allow you to increase your overall profit.

Break areas

Most people join green businesses, because they have sincere desire to fight climate change and other environmental disasters that are plaguing our world. However, they also want a comfortable workplace and other perks people enjoy in any other organization.

One of the things that you will want to have for the employees of your business is a small breakroom. This will enable the people that work for you to have a place to enjoy lunch, breaks and other small down times during the day.

You will want to include vending machines and other amenities that can make this a great experience for your employees. This can be an expense that you will want to be more mindful of, and it’s critical to stick to a certain budget to over avoid overspending.

Be sure to consult with companies in your local area that may need these same services and work to share a breakroom. This is a fantastic way to help decrease this expense that can be a large one.

Office equipment

Keeping an office running will require the right amount of equipment to help your company run as smoothly as possible. You may need a printer, fax machine, copier and a host of other expensive items. Of course, as a green business, you also want to put your money where your mouth is and purchase equipment that is energy efficient and doesn’t leave a large carbon footprint.

When you work with a local business owner that requires these same types of equipment that you need, you can join and split the expenses for the office items you will need to run your company with the most success.

Another great idea is to look at wholesale stores that will allow you to skip the middleman and buy your necessary equipment at a lower cost. This can be an additional savings for you and other business owners.

The benefits of being a green business owner are many, and one of these does include being able to set your own work schedule. You can be successful in making the profit you need, and it will be easier to do this when you share costs with other companies. Be sure to think of all the other ways you can work to split the cost with fellow business owners.


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