Blue and Green’s top 10 electric cars: #3 Fiat 500 E



Blue & Green Tomorrow has compiled a varied list, in both price and performance, of the top 10 commercially available electric cars.

The Fiat 500 E is visually identical to its petrol fuelled predecessor, with the primary changes only coming on the inside and of the course, the engine. Powered by a 83kw (111bhp equivalent) electric motor, the car is a little heavier than the petrol version, but clever weight distribution means performance is not initially affected.

The design of the Fiat, much like the petrol version, is at its best in the city. Offering an excellent driving experience, the 500 E is a great competitor to the BMW for urban adaptability, and this is reflected in the more general pricing.

This car in particular has skyrocketed in popularity in California due to its iconic European look, and in a market that offers a variety of electric cars, its prestige is evidently well earned.

Currently priced at: $32,500

Photo: Autos Voice via Twitter

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