Blue & Green Daily: 2 June headlines



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Rana Plaza owner charged with murder over 2013 factory collapse

Energy bosses call for carbon pricing system

Shell tried to influence the Science Museum’s climate programme – new data reveal

Solar Impulse forced to land because of weather conditions



2 June headlines

Cameron prepared to break with Europe of human rights convention

David Cameron has indicated that he would be prepared to break Britain from the European convention on human rights, should the European Court of Human Rights not accept reforms to break Britain’s link with it. Guardian

Climate activists protest against ‘Tory Dash for Gas’

11 activists were arrested on Monday after a day of action against fossil fuel industries across the country. Activists took action such as creating blockades outside buildings and supergluing themselves to City Hall, London.

Arctic ice loss linked to US and UK extreme weather

Snow storms in the US and flooding in the UK have been linked to rapid ice loss in the Arctic region, according to a new study.

Interesting picks:

Charles Kennedy, former Liberal Democrat leader, dies aged 55 – BBC

Why I want to make food waste illegal – The Independent

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