Blue & Green Daily: Friday 20 March headlines



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Study: cost of climate change to become ‘serious challenge’ by 2040

Prince Charles calls for action to clean up oceans

Carbon absorbed by Amazon has halved since 90s, says study

70% of Scots back wind energy

Sustainable cooking enterprise seeks investment


20 March headlines

Arctic sea ice extent hits record low for winter

Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has fallen to the lowest recorded level for the winter season, according to US scientists. BBC.

Gates Foundation’s $1.4bn in fossil fuel investments

The charity run by Bill and Melinda Gates, who say the threat of climate change is so serious that immediate action is needed, held at least $1.4 billion of investments in the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies. Guardian.

Prince Charles presses climate change agenda with Obama

Climate change was to be the chief topic of conversation as Prince Charles met with Obama on Thursday in the Oval Office. Bloomberg.

One in ten wild bees face extinction in Europe

Almost one in ten of Europe’s native wild bees face extinction. According to the most comprehensive expert assessment so far. BBC.


Interesting picks

Pitcairn marine reserve is an incredible win for the oceans – Guardian

Micro investing is the way to sustainable returns in India, say experts – Tech Circle

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