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G7 study: climate change a ‘global security threat’

Government to sell stake in Green Investment Bank

Resource Responsibility and the Global Carbon Crisis


26 June headlines

Thousands of people killed by extreme weather so far in 2015 as climate change feared to bring more heatwaves, hurricanes and floods in future

Thousands of people have been killed by extreme weather so far this year amid fears that climate change is leading to more deadly heatwaves, flood, hurricanes and tornadoes. Independent.

Oil majors urged by UN to plan for phasing out fossil fuels

The top UN climate diplomat urged the heads of six European oil majors to plan for phasing out fossil fuel emissions by 2100 and to work with governments on cleaner forms of energy. Bloomberg.

Senior Tories slam government’s Green Investment bank sell-off

Senior ‘green Tories’ – Conservative supporters who want the party to act on environmental issues – have attacked the government’s decision to sell a majority stake in the Green Investment Bank. Guardian.

Gatwick says it is the only deliverable option for new runway

London’s second airport Gatwick said it was the “only deliverable outcome” for the independent commission which is expected to be recommend next week where to build a new runway in southeast England. Financial Times.

UK GM wheat ‘does not repel pests’

A strain of genetically modified wheat developed in the UK has failed to repel pests as intended in field trails. Scientist had wanted to engineer a variety with an odour that deterred aphids. BBC.


Interesting picks

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