Blue & Green Daily: Friday 30 January headlines



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NEST: ‘Nowhere for interest in ethical pensions funds to go but up’

Business can be sustainable and profitable, says Unilever boss

Report: achieving renewable energy targets could address water challenges

North Sea nations key to Europe’s low-carbon transition, says report

Report: supply chain collaboration can boost sustainability and investment return


30 January headlines

Solar power in the UK almost doubled in 2014

Solar power almost doubled in the last year, with 650,000 installations ranging from solar farms to panels on homes, figures showed. Guardian.

Gatwick expansion plans attacked by MPs

Building a second runway at Gatwick airport would be a disaster for the areas, causing transport gridlock and “irreparable damage” to the surrounding towns and countryside, MPs have warned. Financial Times.

Shell returns to the Arctic – but still cuts £10bn from global investment

Shell hopes to press ahead with its controversial drilling campaign in the Arctic this summer, despite announcing plans to slash group investment by $15 billion over the next three years. Independent.

Icebergs ‘have sound signature’

Listening to icebergs could help assess the extent of glacier melt, scientists report. Researchers found that different types of icebergs have their own acoustic signature as they calve away from ice. BBC.


Interesting picks

Climate change on Valentine’s Say: what might you lose that you love? – Guardian

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The responsible investor’s guide to climate change – Market Watch

Biofuels are not a green alternative to fossil fuels – Guardian

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