Blue & Green Daily: Friday 5 December headlines



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Autumn Statement: banks and multinational to ‘pay their fair share’

Government ‘serious’ about tidal potential, says Ed Davey

Norway’s oil fund will continue to invest in fossil fuels

2014 on track to be hottest year on record 


5 December headlines

Church challenges Shell and BP over climate change

The Church of England has waded in to the debate over climate change by urging Royal Dutch Shell and BP to cut carbon emissions and invest in renewables. Financial Times.

Co-op Bank scraps bonus plan for bosses over fears of stress test failure

The Co-operative Bank has torn up this year’s long-term incentive plan for its senior executives amid expectations it has failed a stress test. Independent.

WEF offers impact investing road map for wealthy families

The World Economic Forum has a message for wealthy families thinking about impact investing: don’t just buy in the buzz, do your homework. Bloomberg.

‘Future Earth’ platform outlines global change strategy

A global initiative bringing together scientists from across different disciplines has launched its strategy to indentify key priorities for sustainability. BBC.

Rainfall in Africa may rise with greenhouse gas emissions

Rainfall in parts of Africa may increase along with rising greenhouse gas emissions, according to a report in the journal Science. Bloomberg.


Interesting picks

‘They say in 30 years maybe Kiribati will disappear’ – Guardian

Fall in price of crude oil will be ‘horrible’ for North Sea – Financial Times

Why increasing Antarctic sea ice doesn’t mean climate change isn’t happening – Business Insider

The Right needs to wake up – climate change is real, and we’re causing it – Telegraph

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