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Ban Ki-moon: world must act on climate change now

Greenpeace warns of ‘long road ahead’ for truly green gadgets

Expand cities into greenbelt to solve housing crisis, says Wolfson Prize winner

Standard & Poor’s: reinsurers underestimate impact of climate change

Number of workers trapped in low paid jobs on the rise


5 September headlines

Ban fracking from national parks, says majority of UK public

Fracking should be completely banned from national parks, according to a strong majority of the UK public. The poll shows 60% of people think fracking should not be allowed in national parks, compared to 22% that do. Guardian.

BP faces up to $18bn fines  after Gulf of Mexico ‘gross negligence’ ruling

BP has been found grossly negligent over the Gulf of Mexico disaster, leaving it facing possible civil fines of almost $18 billion (£11bn) over the 2010 spill. The oil giant was “reckless” in the run up to the catastrophe, a US district court found. Telegraph.

Biofuel from waste aims to compete with petrol on price
Ethanol made from corn waste at a new plant in the US will be cost-competitive with petrol “in a couple of years”, according to the chief executive of one of the companies behind the project. Financial Times.

Green party to position itself as the real left of UK politics

The Green party is positioning itself as the “real opposition” to the coalition, opening up a bitter fight with Labour on the left wing of UK politics, as the party’s key figures prepare to contest general election seats in parliament. Guardian.

Aircraft emissions may be next for US climate rules

Aircraft may be next in line for US regulation of greenhouse-gas emissions, as president Barack Obama’s administration broadens its climate-change efforts beyond automobiles and power plants. Bloomberg.


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