Blue & Green Daily: Monday 11 May headlines



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#GE2015: Greens retain seat but criticise voting system

Report: single smartphone requires 13 tonnes of water to produce

Blue & Green Tomorrow goes live on Crowdcube

#GE2015: Will Conservatives now drop the ‘green c**p’?


9 May headlines

Mediterranean migrant crisis: EU refugee quotas to be proposed

The European Commission will make the controversial proposal that EU member countries should take in refugees under an EU quota scheme. BBC

Warm front could bring the UK its hottest May ever

After a general election that confounded the bookies, the chances of this week delivering the hottest day of the year after a damp start to the month appear more certain. The Telegraph

Oil price and currency effects pound UK earnings

Annual profits at the UK’s biggest listed companies have shown the most widespread weakness for eight years, according to research from a brokerage. FT

Anti-austerity group plans protest outside Bank of England

The anti-austerity group behind a protest that escalated into violent clashes with riot police outside Downing Street on Saturday is planning another demonstration outside the Bank of England next month. The Guardian


Interesting picks:

China now imports more oil than US – Financial Times

Billionaire adds £100m to his fortune after Tory victory Independent

To address climate change, MIT lab seeks the wisdom of crowds – Boston Globe

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