Blue & Green Daily: Monday 2 February headlines



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Shell backs shareholder resolution on climate risk

UK solar power almost doubled in 2014

Frequency of heatwaves in urban areas on the rise


2 February headlines

Government failing to adequately protect marine life, say wildlife experts

The government has been accused of “dragging its feet” on protecting the seas, as it accounted fewer than two dozen potential sites for new conservation areas. Guardian.

Fossil fuel subsidies fall in gain for renewables

Countries from Mexico to Germany to Malaysia are increasingly taking advantage of cheap oil by trimming fossil-fuel subsidies, easing the way for renewable power. Bloomberg.

BP and BG group set to slash spending and cut jobs

FTSE 100-listed oil and gas giants PB and BG Group are set to announce a $21 billion reduction in capital spending plans and swingeing job cuts amid tumbling oil prices. Telegraph.

UK supermarkets failing to stock enough sustainable fish, report says

Some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets are not offering enough sustainably caught fish, despite soaring demand from consumers, according to new research. Guardian.


Interesting picks

Nasa’s climate change satellite blasts off – video – Guardian

Will the falling oil price undermine green energy? – BBC

Seven reasons cheap oil can’t stop renewables now – Bloomberg

Americans vs scientists: data shows disagreement on climate change and GM food – Independent

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