Blue & Green Daily: Monday 8 June headlines



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BP criticised over ties with oppressive Azerbaijan government

IKEA pledges €1 billion to tackle climate change

Wind Energy – Debunking the Pros and Cons


8 June headlines

Turkey’s AKP faces challenge to form government

 Turkey’s AK party faces a challenge to form a government after losing its majority at a general election for the first time in 13 years. BBC

Deutsche Bank bosses resign following Libor manipulation scandal

The two joint chief executives of Deutsche Bank are to step down, in an unexpected move that comes shortly after the investment bank was fined for its role in Libor manipulation and criticised for its conduct. Guardian

‘Big oil’ split over climate-change risk as Paris talks loom

One scene stands out more than any other from the Opec International Energy Seminar last week, which attracted the cream of the global oil industry’s executive leadership. Telegraph

Interesting picks:

Santorum says Pope Francis has ‘more pressing problems’ than climate change – Fox News

Banks’ post-crisis legal costs hit $300bn – Financial Times

CBI cuts UK growth forecasts while warning of EU uncertainty – BBC

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