Blue & Green Daily: Monday 9 February headlines



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CDP: Japanese carmakers best prepared for stricter emissions regulation

Norway’s pension fund divests from risky assets

Survey: businesses look to embed sustainability in 2015

Unbiased’s Responsible Adviser of the Year announced


9 February headlines

Church of England may sell £3m stake in mining firm over fears for gorilla haven

The Church of England is considering withdrawing its investment in a controversial British mining firm whose operations in a war-torn region of Africa have alarmed both human rights groups and environmentalists. Guardian.

Britain faces £200bn oil loss

In a stark warning of the government over the future of the North Sea, one of the oil industry’s leading figures has warned that 6 billion barrel of oil reserves, worth £200 billion, may be abandoned. Telegraph.

Frontline teams ‘unaware’ of wildlife smuggle tactics

Frontline transport workers largely lack awareness on how criminal networks disguise illegal wildlife products, it emerged at a summit in Bangkok. Custom officials and wildlife trade experts say education could help fight against trafficking. BBC.

PricewaterhouseCoopers condemned for giving misleading evidence to Parliament and ‘promoting tax avoidance on an industrial scale’

The accountancy giant PricewaterhouseCoopers is promoting tax avoidance by multinational firms “on an industrial scale”, MPs said in a damning report. PwC was accused by the MPs of misleading them about the way it is helped hundreds of firms avoid millions in tax. Independent.

Climate change marchers told to hire private security firm

The right to stage demonstrations in Britain could be threatened following demands that climate change protesters planning a march nest month hire a private firm to oversee it – a role previously carried out by the police. Guardian.


Interesting picks

We should strengthen not strangle European protections for our wildlife – Guardian

Scientists takes to the stage on climate change – BBC

Short-term fixes for long-term climate problems? Yes, says new report – Washington Post

Sustainability now key selling points for business schools attracting students – Guardian

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