Blue & Green Daily: Thursday 12 February headlines



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Geoengineering should not replace cutting emissions, say scientists

UK government spent 300 times more on fossil fuel than clean tech

Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser come out top in deforestation rankings

Bees and pollinators ‘thrive’ in urban environment

Report: UK faces rising water bills without efficiency measures


12 February headlines

Wind farm study finds ‘no direct evidence’ they affect health

There is “no direct evidence” that windfarms affect health in humans, a report by the National Health and Medical Research Council has found. Guardian.

Shell chief urges industry to speak up in climate debate

The head of Royal Dutch Shell is urging his industry to spell out why the world needs it, as talks intensify on a global climate deal due to be signed this year. Financial Times.

Boris Johnson advised his London air pollution plans are too little, too late

Boris Johnson’s plan for an ‘ultra low emissions zone’ to reduce London’s air pollution from dirty vehicles should now be delayed for five years and mist be widened to cover a much larger area of the capital, the London assembly has told the mayor. Guardian.

DSCOVR ‘space weather mission’ launches

A SpaceX Falcon rocket has launched from Florida to out the Deep Space Climate Observatory in orbit. The satellite will be used by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to monitor the sun. BBC.


Interesting picks

Fossil fuel lobby goes on the attack against divestment movement – Guardian

Impact investing: advice from the frontline – Pioneers Post

Animation of what Hinkley Point power plant might look like – Telegraph

Is geoengineering a bad idea? – Guardian

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