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Driverless electric cars to be tested on British roads in 2015

Ofgem announces plans to reduce electricity bills through new price controls

Climate inaction will lead to higher costs, warns White House

Divestment: University of London’s school freezes fossil fuels investment

Elon Musk to appear on ‘The Simpsons’ to do battle with Montgomery Burns


31 July headlines

Boris Johnson defends London’s record on air pollution

The Mayor of London’s office has strenuously defended the city’s record on air pollution, insisting that it is far from the worst polluted city, despite data showing that nitrogen dioxide levels have been higher than anywhere else yet recorded. Boris Johnson’s top air quality officials have said that it was “ludicrous” to put London in the same category as capitals such as Mexico City, Delhi and Beijing. Guardian.

Corporate America clean-energy lead urged by NRG CEO

The private sector can and should lead on answer the public’s desire for clean energy, NRG Energy’s chief executive officer David Crane has said. A private sector movement may speed up the adoption of renewable power sources, he explained. Crane added, “Who are we going to look to lead on this? For the first time in American history, could we have a social movement that’s actually triggered by corporations?” Bloomberg.

Walkington anti-fracking protest tower ‘must be removed’

A judge has said protesters must remove a wooden tower blocking the entrance to a site where a firm hopes to prospect for gas or oil. Anti-fracking campaigners built the structure at Rathlin Energy’s site at Walkington, East Yorkshire, last month. The firm and landowner went to the High Court to an order forcing protesters to remove the barrier. BBC.

Energy firms double profits in just 12 months

Energy firms are set to double their profits in the space of 12 months after refusing to pass on to customers huge falls in the cost of wholesale oil and gas. Ofgem, the energy industry regulator, said yesterday that companies would make on average £106 from each customer they supply with electricity, up from £53 last year and from £9 five years ago. The Times.

Green groups too white and too male compared to other sectors – report

Environmental groups do a worse job than business and sports sectors in welcoming and promoting minorities and women, a new report has found. The report by University of Michigan professor Dorceta Taylor, was the most exhaustive survey to date on the state of diversity among the nearly 300 independent groups and government agencies making up America’s environmental movement. Guardian.


Interesting picks

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