Blue & Green Daily: Tuesday 10 February headlines



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University of Sydney commits to reducing carbon footprint of investments

London named second most sustainable city in world

General election: quarter would switch vote based on climate change policy

HSBC Swiss bank helped clients dodge taxes

Climate change activists forced to ‘pay to protest’


10 February headlines

EU energy consumption level falls to 20-year low

Energy consumption in the European Union has fallen to levels last seen more than two decades ago, statistics show. The dramatic drop in annual consumption reflects in part the continuing troubles in the eurozone, but also energy efficiency measures. Guardian.

Rural groups attack Scottish government wind farm policy

A group of land and heritage bodies has joined forces to attack the Scottish government’s wind farm policy. The rural alliance, accused ministers of ignoring their own advisers to back controversial large-scale developments. BBC.

North Sea oil bankruptcy risk surges amid calls for tax cuts

The number of British oil and gas related companies at risk of going bankrupt has increased by almost three quarters amid a steep decline in fortunes of the North Sea following a plunge in the price of crude. Telegraph.

England’s flood defence funding faces £600m shortfall, MPs warn

England’s flood defences face a £600 million hole unless ministers can demonstrate that the private sector will deliver the sum, a committee of MPs have warned. Guardian.


Interesting picks

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