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Poll: three quarters of MPs don’t understand how money is made

Half of world could face extreme water scarcity by 2095

Ministers consider ‘park tax’ on those living next to green spaces

FTSE 100 CEOs’ pay 143 times higher than employees’ in 2013

The Scottish referendum is good news for renewable energy


19 August headlines

Ineos buys fracking rights around Grangemouth and Firth of Forth

Ineos, the company at the centre of last year’s bitter dispute with unions at its Grangemouth petrochemical plant, has brought the rights to explore for shale gas in a 127 square mile area around Grangemouth and Firth of Forth. Guardian.

Elephant poaching deaths reach tipping point in Africa

Africa’s elephants have reached a tipping point: more are being killed each year than are being born, a study suggests. Researchers believe that since 2010 an average of nearly 35,000 elephants have been killed annually on the continent. BBC.

Climate change to slash south Asian GDP, ADB warns

South Asian economies will be badly squeezed by climate change within a few decades if no action is taken to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming, according to a report published on Tuesday by the Asian Development Bank. Financial Times.

Oil drops, stocks rise as geopolitical tensions ease

Brent crude slide to a 14-month low and stocks rallied as investors breathed a sigh of relief after Kurdish and Iraqi forces dealt a defeat on Islamic militants and simmering tensions over the Ukraine crisis appeared eased. Telegraph.

Biggest solar project falls as Australia reviews policy

Plans to build the world’s largest solar power plant of its kind have been scrapped in Australia after the developers raised concerns about the government’s commitment to clean energy. The plant would have been three times larger than any currently commissioned projects. Bloomberg.


Interesting picks

11% of UK businesses say slavery in their supply chains is ‘likely’ – Guardian

Bond issue to fund green energy plant at distillery – The Scotsman

Reason for climate change optimism as forest strategy is validated – Huffington Post

Global warming denial rears its ugly head around the world, in English – Guardian

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