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Urgent shift to renewables needed to avoid ‘catastrophic climate change’, says report

NGOs call on the UK to take the lead at UN climate summit

Australian states unable to protect nature and world heritage sites – report

Developing economies overtake G7 on tackling climate change

UK to challenge bankers’ bonus cap in EU court


9 September headlines

Greenhouse gas levels rising at fastest rate since 1984

A surge in atmospheric CO2 saw levels of greenhouse gases reach record levels in 2013, according to new figures. Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere between 2012 and 2013 grew at their fastest rate since 1984. BBC.

Research shows surprise global warming ‘hiatus’ could have been forecast

Australian and US researchers have shown that the slowdown in the rate of global warming in the early 2000s, known as a so-called “global warming hiatus”, could have been predicted if today’s tools for decade-by-decade climate forecasting had been available in the 1990s. Guardian.

Britain urges climate target reprieve for poorer nations

Poorer countries will be allowed to continue increasing their greenhouse gas emissions for at least the next 15 years under the government proposals for a global climate change deal. Britain has already committed to halving its 1990 level of emissions by 20205. The Times.

UK to reveal strategy for climate change talks

World government are facing a “pivotal moment” on dealing with climate change, the UK’s energy secretary will say, before a meeting of heads of state and government in New York this month. Ed Davey will unveil the UK government’s strategy for the negotiations. Guardian.


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