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Study: climate action can add 1m jobs by 2030 across EU, US and China

Health professional call for immediate ban on fracking due to health risks


1 April headlines

US pledges emissions cuts of up to 28% ahead of global climate treaty

The White House pledged to cut carbon pollution by up to 28% on Tuesday, boosting the prospects for an international agreement on climate change at the end of the year. Guardian.

UN: New renewables broke through 100GW barrier in 2014

New renewable generating capacity broke the 100GW barrier in 2014, equivalent to the entire fleet of nuclear power plants in the US, a UN report shows. BBC.

Barack Obama gives Shell go-ahead to drill for oil in Alaskan Arctic

Royal Dutch Shell has received the go-ahead from the US government to restart a controversial oil exploration campaign in the Alaskan Arctic despite fears over the risk to the environment. Telegraph.

Leading economies miss UN deadline to file climate change pledges

Some of the world’s leading industrial economies have missed a UN deadline to file their opening offers for a global climate change deal to be finalise in Paris at the end of next year. Financial Times.

Subsidies to industries that cause deforestation worth 100 times more than aid to prevent it

Brazil and Indonesia spent over 100 times more in subsides to industries that cause deforestation that they received in international conservation aid to prevent it, according to a report. Guardian.


Interesting picks

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