Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 12 February headlines



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Environmental destruction in the Italian ‘triangle of death’

Go Green Week: UK students launch week-long divestment campaign

Banking standards body must be run by non-bankers, says review chief

Social enterprises and cooperative need to tell Britain’s leaders what they want

Norwegian university questions ethics of fossil fuel research


February 12 headlines

Sochi Winter Olympics on track to be warmest ever

The Sochi games are on course to be the warmest winter Olympics in history and, as the mercury rises in both the coastal and mountain clusters, the temperature is starting to have a serious effect on the competition. Guardian.

Study shows urbanisation’s impact on biodiversity

A dataset, described as the largest of its kind to date, has assessed the impact of urbanisation on biodiversity levels around the globe. It found that cities supported far fewer species of birds and planted compared with similar areas of undeveloped land. BBC.

OECD admits it overlooked risk of weak banks

Europe’s asperity drive has caused less of a shock to growth than the spill over effects from broken banks and restrictive regulation, a study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has found. Telegraph.

Rail service could take months to return to normal after storm damage

Damage caused by wind, rain and floods that disrupted rail services in the south and west of England could take weeks or even months to repair, Network Rail has warned. A estimated £100 million of damage has been caused to the railway so far. Guardian.

Sellafield £70bn clean-up costs ‘astonishing’, MPs say

The estimated cost of cleaning up the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing site in Cumbria has risen by almost £2.5 billion in a year, a report has said. The report added that progress had been “poor” and targets had been missed. BBC.


Interesting picks

The ‘pause’ in global warming in not even a thing – Guardian

The facts behind flood spending – Financial Times

Better batteries are key to climate change – Reuters

Climate change is making the world sick – Ecologist


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