Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 18 February headlines



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Climate change among greatest threats to human civilisation

University of Cambridge calls on businesses to tackle natural resource challenges

Ed Davey: political consensus on climate change can deliver ‘real progress’

Renewable community energy projects to benefit from £100m funding


18 February headlines

Fossil fuel industry protests over ‘risky’ assets warning from energy secretary

The fossil fuel industry was deeply “unsettled” by comments from energy secretary Ed Davey raising the prospect that their assets could be rendered worthless by global action on climate change, according to a letter of protests sent to the secretary of state. Guardian.

BP says CO2 emissions unsustainable, warns on global warming

In its Energy Outlook 2035, BP predicts that CO2 emissions will exceed levels which scientists says pose a threat to climate change unless coordinated action is taken. Telegraph.

UK approves world’s biggest offshore wind farm

The world’s biggest offshore wind scheme has been given the go-ahead off the coast of Yorkshire, in a move the government said was likely to create hundreds of jobs. Financial Times.

Energy customers miss big savings, says CMA inquiry

Dual-fuel customers of the big energy firms have missed big savings by not switching suppliers, early evidence from a competition inquiry suggests. BBC.

Indonesia’s forestry industry relies on illegal timber: study

About a third of wood used by Indonesia’s forestry industry came from clear-cutting natural forests and other illegal sources in 2014, according to a new study. Bloomberg.


Interesting picks

Privatisation of UK woodlands is happening by the backdoor – Guardian

As China gets richer, the world get dirtier – and will have to choose more growth and being green – Independent

Study finds first-ever evidence of climate change of northern China region dating back thousands of years – Phys.org

Income inequality is a sustainability issue – Huffington Post

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