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Eric Pickles criticised for interfering with wind farm applications

Poll: UK perception of fracking improves but public prefers renewables

World Bank: cleantech SMEs in developing world to receive $1.6tr boost

Climate change could see rise of violent conflict in India, warns no report

Community energy is about putting local power in the hands of local people


26 September headlines

Europe’s carbon cuts should be subject to Paris climate deal – EU energy chief

Europe should only push ahead with its planned cuts to carbon emissions if the rest of the world agrees to a global climate change deal at a crunch summit in Paris next year, according to the EU’s energy chief. Guardian.

Obama creates vast Pacific Ocean marine reserve

US president Barack Obama has signed a memorandum to expand a vast marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument will become the largest network of oceanic protected areas in the world. BBC.

Climate change could be slower than forecast

Carbon dioxide emissions have less impact on the global average temperature than has been claimed by the UN’s climate change advisory body, according to a study. The paper states that if the amount of carbon in the atmosphere doubles, the temperature would rise by 1.8C over 70 years. The Times.

EU to crack down on UK attempts to sidestep banker bonus cap

European Union regulators are poised to ban generous City of London financial sector allowances that are seen as sidestepping Brussels legislation setting a cap on banker bonuses. Telegraph.

Round-the-world solar flight gives wings to clean energy

A group of energy and technology companies is backing an attempt by two solar flight pioneers to cross the Pacific ocean in five days and nights whilst being powered only by the sun. Financial Times.


Interesting picks

Why climate change policy won’t hinge on international talks – Fortune

‘Nest two decades are decisive on climate change’ – video – Guardian

Does this climate change narrative really change everything – New Scientist

I blocked a coal train to protest against Britain’s addiction to this dirty fuel – Guardian

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