Blue & Green’s top 10 electric cars: #5 Volkswagen E-Up!



Blue & Green Tomorrow has compiled a varied list, in both price and performance, of the top 10 commercially available electric cars.

Another competitor for the urban market, Volkswagen is offering this slightly cheaper (yet still pricey) but excellent model with the view to invade the industry and stay.

With a range of 90 miles, it’s actually quicker to the 60mph mark than most electric cars with high performance rates – fitted with an 81bhp electric motor.

The styling is identical to the original E-Up! aside from the blue framed VW badges. The driving experience is also very similar, regardless of its weight gain with extra batteries. Like the Fiat, clever weight distribution techniques retains this cars nippy performance ratings.

A decent, standard option for buyers into the electric market.

Currently priced at: £19,270

Photo: MotorBlog via Flickr

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