Book review: Prosperity without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet – Tim Jackson (2011)



In Prosperity Without Growth Tim Jackson argues that the capitalist model has failed and the increasing level of consumerism is unsustainable. Growth promotion has led to the excessive consumption of resources and irreversible damage is just decades away, he adds.

The author questions the ecological impact of product innovation and other aspects of capitalism. As a result, he makes a clear case that infinite growth isn’t sustainable with finite resources and something must be done now to limit the damage.

Prosperity Without Growth is a book of two halves with the first section explaining the problems and the second focussing on solutions. Jackson provides a vision and strategy for a sustainable future but the text lacks suggestions on how to implement the recommendations.

This is a key text for the efforts to shape a sustainable future and contains a persuasive and detailed analysis. It is clearly written and conveys complex ideas in an accessible way. In addition, the text provides a realistic account of climate change in the context of the current global economy and the financial situation.

This comprehensive book is filled with compelling facts and figures and should be read by everyone invested or interested in a sustainable future.



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