Cannabis Emerges as a Fantastic Eco-friendly Workout Option



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Eco-friendly workouts are the new big thing. As concerns about climate change continue to mount, people are looking for every option to cut their carbon footprint. Oprah talked about them recently, which has made them even more popular.

The other day, a few of my friends said that they were starting green exercise programs. They said that there are a lot of ways to cut your carbon footprint. One of the best is by using cannabis.

How Cannabis is Great for an Environmentally Friendly Workout Plan

Have you ever tried using cannabis during your workout sessions? This isn’t just a good idea for getting more of your workout. It is a great green option as well!

Are you skeptical that using cannabis is good for the environment? Scientific America has an article that will put your doubts at ease. However, you still need to follow the right exercise regimen.

More people are using cannabis to boost their workouts and aid in recovery. As more states and countries continue to legalize cannabis, athletes and fitness enthusiasts have endorsed the use of cannabis while exercising.

A recent study suggests that incorporating cannabis into your workout routine may have some  surprising benefits. The science behind cannabis and working out reveals that;

1. Cannabis May Relieve Exercise Related Pain

Cannabis has been used to relieve and treat acute and chronic pain for long. Cannabinoids in cannabis plant, especially CBD helps in reducing muscle and joint inflammation. This is due to its anti-inflammatory properties that help in suppressing pain. That is why most athletes use it before and after working out for managing chronic pain. CBD has the power to alter the pain signals in your body, making any workout pain bearable.

Remember that cannabis will not heal your workout injuries. It will only ease the pain. Treat your injuries despite using cannabis to relieve pain.

2. Cannabis May Boost Your Focus And Calm Your Mind

Cannabis can help you remain focused. This is especially on the repetitive tasks that can make you get bored while exercising. CBD helps in reducing anxiety, keep you calm and relaxed while exercising. This improves your mental acuity. It helps you to stay focused throughout your working out period.

3. Cannabis Will Soothe Your Sore Muscles

After a heavy workout session, you are likely to have sore muscles. Cannabis can help in soothing and relaxing your muscles. The soreness will go away much quicker and will hurt less. You can also avoid muscle soreness and pain by using cannabis before you start your exercises.

4. Cannabis Will Help With Pre-Workout Anxiety

If you experience pre-workout anxiety, using cannabis can help you. Cannabis, especially one high in CBD levels, helps in relieving anxiety, and it will help you work out like a pro.

5. Cannabis Can Help You Exercise More And For Longer

According to results of a recent study from the University of Colorado, people who use cannabis before and after working out tend to exercise more and for longer than people who don’t. This is because cannabis motivates you to work out. It also makes exercising more enjoyable. If you want to up your exercising routine, use cannabis. It will boost your performance and aid in workout recovery.

6. Cannabis Gives You The Runner’s High

Many athletes become obsessed with running because of the euphoric feeling they get. Using cannabis while exercising can bring out the phenomenal ‘runners high.’ Both exercising and cannabis enhance the production of endocannabinoids. These are chemicals in your body that brings out the euphoric sensation.

7. Some Cannabis Strains Serve As Better Workout Fuels

Cannabis strains are different and have different effects on your body. A strain with high THC levels will make you feel high. If your workout involves balancing and coordination, THC may not be the appropriate strain. This is because when you are high, you can lose coordination and balance. High CBD strains have a sedative and calming effect that may make you feel more relaxed. Depending on your workout, choose the right strain that will help you maximize your working out experience. Some strains will boost your workout. Others are best used for recovery after an extreme workout.

8. Cannabis Increases Air-flow While Exercising

Cannabis strain with high THC levels helps in dilating and relaxing respiratory tracks. This eases the flow of air to your lungs. Increased air-flow while working out boosts your performance.

9. Cannabis Help In Boosting Your Rate Of Metabolism

According to research, THC increases your appetite as it stimulates hunger. This makes people who use cannabis consume more calories in a day than those who don’t. Combining cannabis with exercises helps in facilitating the metabolic function in your body.

Exercising helps in burning excess fats, and cannabis users are less likely to be obese. This is because they have a better carbohydrate metabolism rate. They also have a better insulin response and lower fasting insulin levels. This creates a reduction in body weight and an average waist circumference.

Cannabis and working out seem to go hand in hand. It is coupled with many benefits. They include; relieving workout pain, soothing your sore muscles, and boosting your focus. It also helps in increasing your physical activity and makes you enjoy your exercises. Making cannabis and workout part of your lifestyle may give you fulfillment.

Use Cannabis to Get the Most of Your Eco-friendly Workout

You may want to cut your carbon footprint while exercising, so that you can help the environment. This is one of the benefits of using cannabis while working out. Try using it in your eco-friendly workout program!


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