5 Important Changes to Become An Eco-Friendly Nicotine User



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Over the years, the world has become more and more focused on living green, but this can be a problem for those of us who enjoy nicotine products – no one really equates a nicotine habit with being sustainable or eco-friendly. However, this is not necessarily true. Even back in 2012, National Geographic showed that there are differences in environmental friendliness between e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes.

Below, we take a look at 5 ways to become a more environmentally conscious nicotine user. You will be able to reduce your environmental impact and live a greener lifestyle.

Do not litter

Gone are the days of throwing used butts and pouches on the ground. Nicotine users have a plethora of choices now that can prevent this type of pollution, including the choice of vaping which results in no butts, or consuming pouches that provide eco-friendly packaging that stores the used pouches. Many nicotine pouch cans nowadays are equipped with a lid that can hold your used pouches, which means that they don’t need to end up in nature or on the street. Pouches take 1-5 years to degrade, which gives them plenty of time to cause harm to wildlife, children and nature if discarded carelessly, so it is better to use this handy function. We should be concerned about this, considering that global wildlife has decreased by 50% since the mid-1970s.

 Moreover, companies like Nicokick even ensure that their suppliers provide eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled, rather than ending up in landfills and taking 400 years to break down.

Choose non-tobacco products

Tobacco crops are a major contributor to deforestation, and the WHO has reported that many low-income countries have been increasing the area used for tobacco plantations in recent years. Not only does this mean a loss of forests, but the use of pesticides and fertilizers in tobacco crops are also enormous contributors to pollution in terms of water pollution, soil erosion, and a loss of biodiversity.

The good news is that your nicotine boost is no longer completely reliant on tobacco, as tobacco-free options are now widely available. Products such as nicotine pouches, patches and gums will all provide you with the nicotine boost you’re wanting.

You should also make sure that you bring the right materials for the products that you would like to smoke. For example, you may want to bongs for marijuana.

Opt for less air pollution

Another perk of opting for the nicotine products mentioned above is their distinct lack of smoke. This means that you can enjoy your products without bothering those around you or contributing to any air pollution.

In fact, you can consume these products indoors and in public spaces without any complaints.

Consider how other brands make their products. Brands like Geek go out of their way to create quality, innovative products that work more effectively, which can result in fewer issues. Geek offers the most distinct and variable selection of innovative products and accessories for vaping. Just like the name implies, their products are crafted with regular, committed vapers in mind. Whether you’re seeking replacement coils, adapters, or other vaping gadgets, you’ll always find what you’re looking for when you buy geek vape online through any reputable vendor.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Try to shop for your nicotine products locally, rather than importing them at the cost of flight emissions. Another option is to buy in bulk if possible, thus reducing the transport emissions caused by your personal use. A perk in doing this is that you will always have your favorite products readily available.

Moreover, as stated in point 3, choose non-combustible nicotine options that do not release carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere which causes your own personal carbon footprint to escalate dramatically.

Choose companies that are making a difference

There are many tobacco and nicotine companies that have pledged themselves to make an environmental difference. As mentioned above, Nicokick provides environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging, and this is something to consider when purchasing your products. Look for sustainable and biodegradable packaging, consider the company’s stance on environmental issues, and follow through on your own commitment to actually recycle the packaging you have used.

An example of recycling “done right” is Norway, where consumers can recycle their snus and nicotine pouch cans in return for a cash incentive. However, this cash is then donated to environmental causes, thus increasing the impact of the recycling. Although Norway is the only country that does this, it does highlight the impact we can have when we make eco-conscious choices, and follow through on them every day.

We can all contribute in small ways to keeping the earth clean. Indeed, these choices do not need to be life-changing to have a great impact – as you can see from the points above. But if we all make a conscious decision to make one small change, we will see a difference.


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