Try These 4 Simple And Crafty Ways To Start Green Living



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You’ll have a hard time finding anyone who doesn’t see the value in living a more eco-conscious lifestyle these days, but actually implementing green living into your own daily life can be a challenge. There are plenty of practical ways to lower your carbon footprint, and this article will help anyone who wants to be a bit eco-friendlier achieve their goal without going completely off the grid.

Please read below if you want to learn more about sustainable living. The following tips can be invaluable.

Make Your Own Candles

Did you know you can make your own candles out of orange peels? If you can abstain from buying over processed, mass-produced candles to fill your home with artificial scents, you can embrace the natural, clean, citrusy aroma of these delightful homemade candles that cost under $10 to make and even provide you with a tasty snack along the way. Finding ways to upcycle or refurbish things in your home will save you money and reduce your waste output. Kleenex boxes can be spruced up with some paint and washi tape to become desk or drawer organizers; toilet paper rolls can undergo the same treatment and be used to organize pens or wires.

Use Razor Blades to De-Pill Clothing

Sharpen your disposable razors and remove pesky fuzz balls from your clothes in the process. You can quickly remove pilling with a few strokes, and it helps your blades last longer, too. Just make sure you wash the razor thoroughly before applying it to your skin. Rubbing alcohol, white vinegar and lemons make good natural disinfectants.

Use Natural Healing Remedies

Essential oils, herbal tisanes and medical marijuana can bring just as much relief for many pains and aches as over the counter painkillers. Spare yourself the chemicals and plastic bottles by researching the best natural alternatives for your symptoms. Local medical marijuana doctors can discuss whether getting a medical marijuana card would be a good call for you, and you can decide what dose you want to take and your preferred format. It’s also beneficial to try the simplest remedies first. Sometimes, all you need is a steaming hot bath with epsom salts or a gentle massage to feel just as good as you would with chemicals. This does not mean you should discontinue medication you need to treat or manage any existing health conditions; modern medicine is a miracle, and any life-sustaining prescriptions you have should only be complimented rather than replaced by alternative medicine.

Transform Your Glass

Glass bottles can become flower vases, and jars can be rinsed and reused for years. It’s always better to reuse than rebuy, so when you do go shopping, opt for items that come with packaging you know has at least one more use. Don’t stop with glass, either. There are dozens of ways you can reuse plastic containers without needing artistic talent or a lot of supplies. While you may not be able to repurpose everything that you acquire, a little inventiveness can help you save money and shop less. It’s also a good way to go through items that are just laying around the house.

Embrace Green Living the Easy Way

Sustainable living is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. It can also lead to a much happier and healthier life. The tips listed above should make eco-friendly living a lot easier. We hope you follow them and take our advice to heart. You will be doing your part for the planet and helping your family at the same time.


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