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The demand for eco-friendly businesses is surging these days. One study by Nielson found that the sustainable products industry could top $150 billion by next year. There are a lot of ways that large companies are making their businesses eco-friendlier. However, there are also great opportunities for small entrepreneurs to create business models around sustainability.

Organic gardening is a great opportunity for eco-friendly entrepreneurs. The trick is to find the best ways to create an organic garden and identify the market for it.

Is Organic Gardening the Secret to Running a Successful Eco-Friendly Business?

Gardening can be much more than just a hobby. People in England particularly like gardening. Besides football it is considered as their national past time. Barron’s estimates that there are 23 million gardeners in the UK.

Your garden can be great for saving money or ensuring food security during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what if you can turn your hobby into a profit? A lot of people pride themselves on doing something that they love for a living. The best way to achieve that is by turning your hobby into something profitable.

But when it comes to gardening, you should also take into account the ecological side of things. If you are a real gardening-buff, then you are probably aware of how important it is to be careful towards the environment.

So, we have a few Organic Gardening ideas installed for you today so you can open up a profitable business.

Cut Flowers Organic Growing

Organic flower growing has become more than just a fad now. People are requesting it more and more and are really being conscientious about the way the crops are grown. Cut flowers are good for people who like flowers and want to have them around the house but don’t want to demolish the flower beds in their yards that took them so long to make.

This is where a business that sells Cut Flowers from an organic garden comes into play. Actually, some well-known flower shops like FloralParadise have already started to transfer to organic flower growing. It is a great way to start a business that helps both the people and the environment.

Sell Seeds

Selling plants is something that is already popular, but selling seeds is something that not a lot of businesses do. If you already own an organic garden and are planting your own flowers, you are more than likely going to save the seeds that you get from the flowers. This can become a great business opportunity.

You can sell individual seeds for certain types of flowers or sell packages of different types of lumped together. Seed bombs are a nice marketing trick as it will allow people that are interested to get a starter garden package and develop their garden instantly. Just put some of the seeds for plans that grow together into a bag and you will see how popular it gets.

Selling Culinary Herbs

People like making all kinds of fancy dishes. But that requires some culinary herbs that are hard to come by. Of course, you can find some of them in market stores but those do not provide the same quality as the ones grown in a garden. Particularly the ones grew organically.

So you can make a business out of selling culinary herbs. Both died and fresh ones are needed for making a delicious recipe. Perhaps some of the most popular ones are sprigs of mint, thyme, basil, and rosemary. They can be grown quite easily and you don’t have to go through a lot to learn how to cut them.

Sell Medical Herbs

The same as with the culinary herbs, people often look for herbs that have medicinal properties. But the herbs that are sold in market stores or at your local farmer’s market do not provide the necessary healing properties as one would like to. These are because of the way that they are grown and prepared. People want things that are grown in perfect, organic conditions.

This is where you come in. Try adding some medicinal herbs to your already established organic garden and sell them. You can research the ones that people request the most and start from there. You can sell both fresh and dried ones as well. Both types are popular and very much requested.

Make Tea Blends

Tea is popular all around the world. But tea is a special thing in the UK as all people like consuming it. But why not create delicious tea blends made in your organic garden and make a business out of it?

This is a fabulous opportunity for people who are both into gardening and tea. You can easily grow the necessary ingredients in your garden and make various blends that people want to try. Organic blends are getting more popular and people are certainly going to want to try them. They experimenting with some and research the ones that offer healing properties.

Sell Produce

Finding organic vegetables and fruits in a farmer’s market is a rarity these days. But you can be an advantage if you offer organic produce to people who otherwise cannot get any. It does not matter if you sell it in front of your house or get a stand at a farmer’s market the most important thing is your product.

People who are specifically looking for organic foods will be happy that they finally have a place to get some. It also provides you the opportunity to do something that you love at home and be able to make some money off it.

Cannabis Organic Growing

With the legality of cannabis being prophesized all over the world now, there are more opportunities for people actually making a business out of it. Cannabis growing is very profitable and you can use its popularity to your advantage and organize your own business. One simply has to see all the legalities connected with it and you can organize your own growing garden in no time.

But an even better business model that we are proposing here is being able to offer organic cannabis. This will most certainly be interesting to people who are both into organic produce and food and who want to use cannabis. However, cannabis is currently used in medicinal purposes exclusively. Which also makes things good for a business situation. Grow your medicinal cannabis organically and you will get a lot of customers really fast.

Organic Gardening Could Be a Great Business Opportunity for Green Entrepreneurs

Are you serious about running an eco-friendly business? You may want to start an organic garden. This could be a great opportunity in the months to come.


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