The Best Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Methods



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Home cleaning can prove to be difficult for those who are environmentally conscious and wish to figure out a more eco-friendly way to do it. Many cleaning products are sold with excessive amounts of packaging or contain nasty chemicals that make them detrimental to the health of the planet, as well as humans. The good news is that there are some great ways to clean your home in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Carpet cleaning is no exception when it comes to this issue. Many carpet cleaners contain ingredients that are harsh on the environment or require buying plastic packaging that cannot be recycled.  This article will go over the best methods that you can use to clean your carpet in the most environmentally friendly way possible!

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Tips

Dirty carpets are bad for the environment and your health, but some of the cleaning practices are also harmful to the planet. Fortunately, there are some of the most effective eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips. You can lower your carbon footprint considerably by using the following tips.

Vacuum frequently

When you vacuum often, it means that you are keeping on top of dirt and debris on your carpet and preventing a buildup.  This means that you won’t need to deep clean as often, as much of the dirt will be lifted out of the fibers. Vacuuming also makes the cleaning itself more effective, and prepares your carpet for eco-friendly cleaning. This is a surprisingly simple way to make your life eco-friendlier.

Keep up with the treatment of stains

If you keep on top of stains by spot cleaning them, you could delay a deep clean and therefore keep your cleaning methods more eco-friendly.  For cleaning up individual stains on your carpet, try using natural methods to lift the stains out.  These can be different depending on the stain, such as using salt or sparkling water for wine stains, or cornstarch for oil stains.  Doing this with things you already have in your kitchen is far better for the planet and means you do not have to do a deep clean as frequently.

Make your own eco cleaning products

When the time does come for a deep clean of your carpet, the goal is to also keep this as environmentally friendly as possible.  This is where it can get tricky to find products that are good for the environment – that’s why it’s great to make your own instead! That way, you know exactly what is in your cleaning product and you don’t have to worry about excess packaging either.

For a simply DIY recipe, simply combine white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and there you have it – your very own carpet cleaner, made from something you likely already have in your kitchen. This cleaner doesn’t have any nasty chemicals in it, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re releasing into the air either!

Simply start with small areas at a time, spray the solution directly onto the carpet evenly and without saturating or soaking it.  Blot the carpet with a reusable cloth and let it air dry for several hours before anyone walks on it.  This is a great way to remove stains and odors in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way!

Leave the work to carpet cleaning professionals

There are a lot of great ways to clean your home in a way that doesn’t hurt the planet. However, it is sometimes better to work with a professional.

Many carpet cleaning professionals will now use eco-friendly products that are also safe to use around pets and children. As well as deep cleaning the carpets leaving them looking fresh, the process will also remove particles and improve the quality of the air at your property.


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