Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs Find Innovative Business Ideas in 2021



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Demand for green businesses is growing rapidly. The global market for sustainability was $8.8 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach over $48 billion by 2027.

A number of entrepreneurs are trying to get in on the trend and start green businesses. Here are some good business ideas for eco-friendly entrepreneurs.

Investing in Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrencies

There are a number of different cryptocurrencies on the market. Some of them are eco-friendlier than others. They use renewable energy to power their blockchain networks and more energy efficient processes.

Eco-friendly entrepreneurs could consider investing in them. This would help go a long way towards making cryptocurrencies eco-friendlier. They can purchase them through platforms like BitiQ.

Eco-friendly Event Planner

You can consider being an eco-friendly event planner. This is a profitable business idea, because there are people or companies that want to organize parties, events and ceremonies with an eco-friendly tone.

What better way to start a sustainable business than helping others create more eco-friendly events? This type of services is widely demanded by charitable foundations, companies that want to do some kind of social marketing or politicians.

Green event planners can also organize parties focused on fundraising or even recycling events to bring together people’s waste with recycling companies and bridge the gap between them.

It is an eco-friendly business with high growth potential. When there is hmore emphasis placed on the environment, more companies will be able to use it as a marketing tool and more people will require assistance with organization of these types of events.

Collection, use and commercialization of IT Waste

When ranking the best sustainable business ideas, the collection of computer waste should be at the top of the list. Why? E-waste is multiplying and large companies have seen a gigantic potential for reuse and recycling in the last two years.

Industry giants such as Apple and Huawei have already begun to incorporate this scheme in their companies, where they encourage consumers to bring their electronic items to their headquarters in exchange for new products. These giants reuse their parts and reduce costs. One of the main problems of this is that people do not always take their old cell phones or PCs with them and the chain is cut short.

Therefore, the great business opportunity involves setting up recycling stations for these materials and then selling them to companies that recycle this waste. Also, if you have computer skills, you can take advantage of this waste to generate new uses for it and sell such ideas online or to companies that require such devices.

With the spread of knowledge, you can create interesting electronic parts with this type of waste, and partner with large technology companies to fund your innovations and developments. You just have to decide what to do and which companies you can contact.

Sell Biodegradable Bags

A few years ago, biodegradable bags were a fabulous idea that shared the convenience, utility and care for the environment. In addition to solving a problem with the excess of plastic, there is an increasing demand for these products.

Among all sustainable business ideas, this one is unique in that it is highly commercial. You would be in charge of buying and selling this type of articles, and you would be in charge of selling this type of product to supermarkets, stores or stores.

Sale and repair of automobiles or electric cars.

There are many sustainable business ideas, but this will be a trend in the medium term. Traditional mechanical workshops will be a thing of the past, so in the repair and sale of electric cars there is a huge market that will grow in the coming years in Latin America.

The United States and the United Kingdom are already witnessing one of the biggest paradigm shifts in recent years, in that there is a qualitative step from fossil fuel cars to electric and intelligent cars with Tesla at the forefront.

Not only hybrid cars, but those that run entirely on electricity will be widely produced and sold by the new generations, transforming the typical automotive workshop into a smart car workshop.

It will be like the revolution driven by the proliferation of smartphones, where there are malls and shopping centers focused solely on selling smartphones. You should start learning today and open your car or electric car workshop.

Repairing and refilling ink cartridges

Ink cartridges are highly polluting, so you could create a business around reusing them. Selling cartridges with the refill option is preferable to throwing them away and you’ll also save your customers a lot of money. This is the ticket to your future success!

It is a widespread idea, and one that large companies dedicated to ink marketing have fought against, such as Epson. However, it is still a good option.

Sale and repair of bicycles and accessories

There are both environment and health benefits of bicycles. The only thing wrong here is that you’re not looking for a name for your bike company right now.

With the new home office, and the fitness boom globally, establishments that deal with bike repair and bike sales will have a combination of high demand.

Besides being an ecofriendly business, it is a market that is going to grow at gigantic rates.


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