Eco-Friendly Hair Transplants Are The New Rage For Ambitious Workers



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We have previously referenced the poll by Nielson that shows customers are becoming more concerned about the environment. This poll showed that a stunning 81% of global customers feel companies should do more to protect the environment.

However, customers don’t always put their money where their mouth is. They often prioritize their physical appearance and career success, which are two issues that are often intertwined. Fortunately, the good news is that you can help the environment and look better for your job at the same time.

Environmentalism is something that we need to take very seriously. The purchases that we make as consumers are going to make a significant impact on our environmental footprint.

We need to consider the beauty products that we make and their impact on the environment. Some beauty products are much eco-friendlier than others. This is especially true when it comes to hair products.

Shape Magazine created a great list of hair products are eco-friendly. The authors made great point that the hair products listed in that article will help make a difference in the environment.

Hair transplants can also be performed in an eco-friendly way. They can be great for people to make a positive impression at work, while also helping the environment.

Benefits of Eco-friendly Hair Transplants for People Looking to Get a Promotion

While it’s technically illegal to discriminate against a job candidate based on their physical appearance, that doesn’t mean men are exempt from age discrimination. In a competitive world, employers are increasingly prioritizing youthful vigor and energy over experience and worldly wisdom, although in an ideal world they would prefer both! This places men of a certain age in the awkward position of having to compete with younger, or sometimes simply younger-looking men for the same positions.

Hair loss is an obvious sign of aging in a man, and one that isn’t easy to hide. While healthy eating and regular gym workouts can restore and maintain an aging body, this is sadly hidden by a suit in the corporate world! It’s the same for performers and athletes, who these days make a proportion of their income from sponsorships as well as for their work. Retaining a youthful appearance can mean thousands of pounds of extra income, or the difference between winning and losing a contract or position, for many men in the 40-plus bracket.

Is it wise then, to tackle your hair loss in order to boost your career? What if you are already bald? Is it too late? More importantly, are there environmentally friendly ways to get a hair transplant?

The hard truth is that some men carry their hair loss with confidence and some men feel that it diminishes their sense of control or the way that they are perceived by employers, clients or the public. This often prompts men to explore different ways of dealing with their hair thinning or baldness.

While special sprays to thicken hair, or modern, state of the art toupees and wigs can mask the problem, the ideal for the busy career man is to simply reverse the problem. This is where the hair transplant market comes in. Many of them are eco-friendly, so you can even get them done without harming the environment.

Irish actor James Nesbitt claims a hair transplant helped him to secure leading roles, and many footballers have undergone the surgery in order to boost their media and social media profiles. These high-profile hair transplants have prompted many men to consider surgery to correct their receding hairlines, and restore the thick and youthful manes, that seem intent on disappearing down the plughole with every shampoo.

Unless you’re a famous actor, it’s unlikely a hair transplant means the life or death of your career. However, if you feel deep down that you still have a lot to give to your career, and that it’s necessary to embrace a more youthful version of yourself in order to wow employers or clients, it’s worth talking over your options with a specialist company such as MedAway, in order to clarify and explore your surgery options, at a price that makes a hair transplant a solid and cost effective investment into your career. You may look into the average cost of hair transplants in the USA, it would give you a head start of how much investment you need on this procedure since the price of a hair transplant can vary widely.

Get a Hair Transplant Without Hurting the Environment

There are a lot of ways you can make the planet better. You can make small changes such as getting beauty services that are eco-friendly.


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