Essential Furniture Hardware that Every Eco-Friendly Home Should Have



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There are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind when maintaining or building an eco-friendly house. We previously talked about the importance of buying the right furniture to keep your home eco-friendly. However, it is equally important to have the right fixtures for your furniture if you want to really make your home eco-friendly.

Buy the Right Furniture Hardware for Your Eco-Friendly Home

You have to buy the right furniture hardware if you want to make your home eco-friendly. When people talk about furniture hardware, they are referring to any and all metallic and none metallic products that are used in the furniture within your home. As homeowners have become more conscious about how the inside of their properties look over recent years, these products have become much more popular and have begun to play a much bigger role in both interior design and furniture design.

For example, even pieces of ironmongery like flanges have become popular products for both people making their own furniture and with professional furniture makers. For anyone interested in these products, they can find flanges for sale by following the link.

When it comes to furniture hardware, there are two distinct types; these are general furniture hardware and specialist furniture hardware. We will take a look at what is included in each of these below.

General Furniture Hardware

This typically involved everyday hardware items, such as pins, nuts, hammers, locks, hinges, hooks, screws, stoppers, holders, handles, supports and channels. These general furniture hardware items are going to be necessary for any type of furniture is being made. This makes them basically unavoidable.

Specialist Furniture Hardware

This hardware typically includes things like locks, pulls, hinges, latches, fasteners, plus much more. Some of the other types of products include:

  • Brackets – this hardware is used to connect or join parts of the furniture to one another. They come in all shapes and sizes with different functionalities. For instance, a folding bracket can be used for making a temporary table that can be folded away and stored when it is not in use. This type of bracket is known as a right angled one. Some are very simple and used for woodwork purposes, whereas some are much more heavy duty. This is a good eco-friendly material, because it saves you from having to buy a brand new table, which is obviously going to require the use of finitie natural resources.
  • Castor wheels – this hardware is the perfect option for affixing to the bottom of a table or chairs that need to be easily movable. When it comes to castor wheels, there are four different types. They include fix castors, ply castors, four wheel castors, and six wheel castors. This is a good option for eco-friendly homeowners, because it helps you make the most of sustainable materials like clay that might be hard to work with otherwise.
  • Magnetic catchers – this hardware is often used on the inside of cabinets and wardrobes so that the door shuts smoothly and stays shut until opened. They are good at preventing gaps or space between the frame of the piece of furniture and the door. Not only does this give a quality finish but it also prevents any nasty bugs from getting into the space. This type of hardware is also a good addition for eco-friendly properties. They help reduce the gaps that would cause air to circulate and let warm air out, which helps make them more energy efficient in the winter.
  • Pro lifts – this hardware is also known as gas pistones and they are used for the purpose of lifting objects up. They are mainly used on pieces of furniture, such as large cabinets and wardrobes. The range of force that the pistons can handle is from anywhere between 60 N and 120 N. They come in two main types – heavy duty pistons and low utility pistons. They are some of the most energy efficient tools for performing this kind of work, even though they still need to use gas.
  • Wardrobe sockets – this hardware is used for hanging clothes rails in a wardrobe or even in a cupboard. There are lots of different shapes and sizes available. They can be made from eco-friendly materials.

Get the Right Home Hardware for Your Eco-Friendly Home

You have to purchase the right hardware if you want to create a home that will be eco-friendly. The tools listed above will help lower your carbon footprint by making the home energy efficient and minimize the waste of natural resources.


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