Ethical retailer of the week: Colin Leslie Eyewear



Colin Leslie Eyewear produces popular and eco-friendly glasses and sunglasses that are made ethically and are becoming a must-have among celebrities.

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The glasses are made of responsibly sourced bamboo and other simple recycled materials, but their unique style makes them an increasingly popular and original accessory, that the firm says has become synonymous of “simplicity, sustainability and street style”.

The London-based company sources bamboo from plantations in China and Hong Kong and uses recycled acetate and plastic products.

Glasses are sold at a fair price and a wide range of products from different collections are available, including the London collection, the Eco Unit T collection and the Bespoke Bamboo one.

Colin Leslie Eyewear has become increasingly popular among celebrities, who can enjoy both the style and fashion respectability while promoting ethics and environmentalism at the same time.

Hollywood actress Alicia Silverstone said, “They have ethically harvested bamboo along the temples instead of plastic or metal. They aren’t the most ‘do-gooder’ of the bunch but I appreciate their clean take on bamboo sides. Other brands inject a gigantic logo that I feel takes away from the design.”

The company last year was one of the BRITs 2013 Official Gift Bag Partners, while this year, Colin Leslie Eyewear glasses have also featured in the London Fashion Week.


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