Ethical retailer of the week: Faux



Faux is a leading luxury brand producing faux fur clothes and home accessories rigorously made in London by the same family since its beginnings.

The fur industry has been unanimously criticised over the past few decades for the sufferance it inflicts to animals such as rabbits, minks or foxes, which are bred in captivity and killed through gassing or electrocution.

Campaigners and shoppers have often loudly stressed that fur clothing is no longer a necessity in today’s world, with a wide range of alternative materials available to fight the cold season. Nevertheless, fur has remained a status symbol of wealth and luxury, but even in this occasion, the lives of the animals are no longer necessary, as Faux clearly demonstrates.

The company has been based in London since its beginnings, as it explains on its website, “All Faux designs are conceived, designed and produced in England. Subsequently we keep our carbon footprint as small as possible and we support the local manufacturing industries. We choose our suppliers carefully to ensure we work together to deliver superior quality for our customers.”

Faux offers both women fur clothes, such as coats, stoles, jackets, including wedding apparel, as well as scarves and hats. It also has a range of furnishing items for homes, such as carpets and cushions, demonstrating that elegant and stylish faux fur products serve their purposes better than the originals, as they do not involve suffering.

As proof of the company’s quality and excellence, Faux’s clothes have been used by a variety of TV shows including X Factor and Big Brother and even features in James Bond movie Die Another Day.


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