How Savvy Green Consumers Are Disposing Of Rubbish Properly



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The world that we live in today is plagued by a lot of things. One thing in particular that we seem to not be able to resolve is the problem of pollution. Mainly pollution is caused by creating waste. As human beings, we create tons of waste each day without a feasible plan of dealing with it.

Fortunately, there are ways of disposing of some waste and not allowing it to end up in see. Green and reusable waste management practices do exist. Many companies offer these types of services and represent a sliver of hope for a better future. But there is still a lot that we ourselves can do to deal with the problem.

Disposing of certain waste in a green manner is what we all should do. We’ve asked the owners of Handy Rubbish, an established waste collection company from London, for some help as they too offer environmentally friendly disposals. They were able to give us excellent pointers on how to deal with this sort of situation by ourselves.

So, we came up with some helpful tips for waste disposal in a green manner.


The most obvious way towards a green future is through recycling. One person’s trash is another man’s treasure. However, in this case, it could really end up being like that. All the products that you have used up and would throw away could be processed and reused again in some sort of way.

The sad thing is that we don’t recycle as much as we should. The good news is that we are getting better. Only 26% of waste was recycled in 2015. That figure increased to 34% in 2018, which means we are making progress.

To start with, learn the rules about recycling. Find out the best way one could do it and how. The best way to start is to have separate bins for different materials, glass, paper, tin, metal, etc.

About 75% of waste is recyclable, but not a lot of the total waste we produce gets to be recycled. The main fact is because people are not aware of how to do it.


You can gather all the leftover food or edible products that you want to throw away and use it as compost. You are simply turning it into fuel for your garden and allowing the circle of life to be complete.

This is a perfect scenario if you are keeping a garden. Whether you are growing vegetables or simply like having beautiful flowers in front of your house, compost will help it flourish. You don’t have to buy compost all the time because you can make your own.

Simply gather all your leftover food or products that can be used as compost. Keep it in a separate bin and use it any time you see fit. You can even donate some excess one to gardens or people you know.


Certain products can be reused in various sorts of ways. No matter what item you have and are thinking of throwing it away, it can be reused in some kind of way. Whether it is plastic or metal, you can repurpose it for something else. Even bigger furniture items don’t have to be thrown away. You can donate them to somebody who needs them. They can be refurbished and used in a different manner.

When you are thinking of throwing away a specific item, first think whether it can be reused for a different purpose. If you immediately have something in mind turn that idea into reality. If not, save it for when it can be useful.

This also works with electronic items. Save the parts that work while the unusable ones can be recycled as e-waste. Donating electronic items is also a good idea and it all works much better than throwing anything away so it does not end up on a land hill.

Waste Management Must be a Priority

We have to deal with far too much waste these days. However, there are a lot of ways to take care of it better. Are you serious about waste management? These tips should help!


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