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Among all of the trending topics on all major forums, global warming ranks as the most popular. In January, National Geographic cited a host of polls showing greater public concern about global warming. A record 72% of Americans state that global warming is a personal concern to them. As a result, there is an extensive amount of information covering multiple points of view and discoveries.

Therefore, one would expect preparing a global warming essay to be an easy task. However, the vast supply of articles exposes students to an endless amount of genuine and dubious material.

To deliver a paper on global warming that deserves a good grade, there are rules you must adhere to ranging from research to editing. We want to share some insights on researching global warming, legit sites to engage, and some essential planning tips.

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Careful selection of resources

We all love options. However, these choices create a high supply of both low quality and genuine research material. As such, you are mandated to vet the opportunities presented to you for authenticity before writing your essay.

If you were to hire an expert to write an essay for me, they would know what resources to use. Fortunately, you can also find the right resources on your own if you know where to look.

With various writers presenting biased opinions and other publishing content that has not been approved, it is easy to prepare a misinformed essay. To avoid this, consult known geographical sites, scientific journals, and meteorological sites for gathering data.

Additionally, consider the publication dates of your research material as the most recent publications tackle the latest breakthroughs in global warming and up to date statistics. While at this, be wary of blogs and Wikipedia resources as the content is susceptible to error.

Selecting your topic and planning

When you are presented with options to choose from, ensuring that you pick a unique theme which interests you is of much vitality. Preferably, you should settle for a topic with whose advancements you are well-versed with and also one that is in line with your points of view.

Although you want to appear unique and present enthralling essays, wade away from overly complicated essays as they may limit your word count and trigger multiple headaches on research.

Before starting on your essay, brainstorm on ideas and prepare a plot of your essay. This helps you determine how well poised you are to handle the selected topic and the possibility of hitting the word count.

Prepare your thesis statement and introduction

Having chosen your topic and your point of view on the select field, you are then left to create a thesis statement. This informs the user on what they expect in the essay and piques their interest in your work.

In the thesis statement, make clear your topic and the purpose of your essay. Next, prepare an introduction that grabs the attention of your readers. In the body segment, tackle at least four paragraphs, each covering an independent idea.

Within your essay, provide statistics to support your statements and offer a comparison with the facts that are against your argument on global warming.

Among the quality resource for a global warming essay include;

  • NASA
  • Dot Earth blog
  •  Arbor Day
  • National Geographic
  • Global Green USA
  • Beyond Green: A Net Zero College Community

Being a heated discussion that cuts across multiple forums and divides, it is inevitable that students will cross a global warming essay at some point. To earn plaudits, the tips above should come in handy, ensuring excellent research and well-written articles.

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Create an Excellent Paper on Global Warming

Global warming is a complex topic. The good news is that there are a lot of great resources to help you create an excellent paper on it.


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