I remember October 2012. That was the month when…



October 2012 was a big month for Blue & Green Tomorrow. Crowdfunding, reports and records – here’s a round-up of the best bits.

In October, we achieved our highest ever day in terms of unique visits to our site, as well as the highest week and highest month. So let us start off this rundown by saying thank you to everyone who has read something on Blue & Green Tomorrow recently – we couldn’t have achieved that without you!

These three records were aided by the release of two reports last month. Firstly, The Guide to Sustainable Banking, released on October 12, and then, a week later during National Ethical Investment Week, The Guide to Sustainable Investment.

Our crowdfunding campaign, which began in September, also ran throughout the last month. As it stands, there are just four days left of our project, so it’d be lovely if you could help us in any way.

Onto another record, our piece about a 20-year-old Brazilian girl who sold her virginity for $780,000 became the most-read article in Blue & Green Tomorrow’s history – almost overnight!

Other popular pieces included an article about Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s rallying cry for the preservation of Antarctic marine life and the news that the British Antarctic Survey was threatened with closure – something that has since been shelved.

October also saw Morocco sign a memorandum of understanding with the Desertec Foundation in order to share resources and knowledge into renewable energy and energy efficiency. And sticking with energy, The Co-operative and Forum for the Future published a manifesto that they hoped would bring about a “community energy revolution”.

More recently, Hurricane Sandy has dominated news networks across the world, after devastating the east coast of the US. We wrote a piece that said how watching the coverage might be a sign of things to come in terms of our climate.

Figures released by Eurosif at the beginning of the month showed a marked growth in sustainable investment across Europe, while features about Ethex and Microgenius were also published in the last 31 days.

National Ethical Investment Week 2012 was a roaring success in our eyes, and it gave us the chance to write a load of content on a subject that is central to our magazine.

However, not everyone on the web is as positive about ethical investment as we are, as we found out on a particularly interesting and active day during the event.

We had the opportunity to review Chasing Ice, a documentary film that follows the journey of photographer James Balog, in his quest to capture the devastating retreat of many of the world’s biggest glaciers. We suggest you go and watch the film when it’s released in the UK in December.

Prepare yourselves for more of the same next month, and remember; our crowdfunding campaign ends on Monday. If you could support us in any way, that’d be excellent…




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