Infographic: why should you travel green?



Four Pillars Hotels, which has hotels in Oxford, Bristol, Abingdon, Witney and the Cotswolds, has created a nifty infographic about the need for going green when travelling.

Called Sustainable travel: why should you travel green?, the graphic analyses the environmental impact of the travel and tourism industry before laying out some handy tips to reduce your carbon footprint when travelling.

Sustainable travel and tourism is about opening your eyes to a new way of experiencing many of the world’s wonders.

As Joanna Keeton wrote on Blue & Green Tomorrow, in a piece that asked whether sustainable tourism was a passing fad or a way of life, it isn’t about making a list of things we cannot do; it’s about improving the ways in which we do them, and ensuring that in 20 years times, those opportunities will still be present.

Here’s Four Pillars Hotels’ infographic.

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