Infographics for Independence Day – 4th July 2015



As our American cousins celebrate the Declaration of Independence from George III’s United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, we the people have gathered some infographics that reflect on that great nation. We hope you enjoy them. Happy Independence Day… mutter, grumble…

Here’s a handy timeline from 1763 to 1787, when the US Constitution was adopted.

The infographics

Firstly, Independence Day by the numbers.

Then there’s a potted history of the US flag.

Followed by David McCandless’s famous left versus right government in US.

Sadly, the joy of being a mother in the US is not matched with paid maternity leave or a public health service.

And here’s how the US see the rest of the world.

And going forward here’s a clean revolution.

Happy Independence Day America.


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