Why Installing Filtered Water Coolers Is Beneficial To The Environment And Your Business



About ten to fifteen years ago companies around the world started to introduce bottled water into the workplace. The many benefits of fresh clean bottled water created a billion-dollar industry, but unfortunately the environmental damage of this newly created industry is only starting to be realized.

Luckily as the industry has developed forward thinking companies such as Water Logic have developed a solution to the environmental problems by developing and introducing filtered water coolers.

These water coolers provide all of the benefits of fresh healthy water to your company, without the horrendous environmental damage of the previous methods of supply.

Here are some of the many environmental and business advantages that modern filtered water coolers introduce.

  • Elimination Of Plastic Water Bottles – If you sit back and think about the sheer volume of plastic bottles in use worldwide, the numbers must run into the billions. The manufacture of these bottles alone is damaging to the environment, and installation of filtered water coolers eliminates all of those plastic bottles almost overnight.
  • Reduction Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions – Worldwide, the thousands of lorries transporting huge heavy bottles of water results in approximately 6 million gallons of fuel being used annually. This then generates 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Less Space Required – Storing large water bottles, to ensure you don’t run out of water, and then finding another location to store the empties while waiting for collection can be difficult especially in an office environment. Installing a filtered water system eliminates these problems overnight, and ensures you will never run out of fresh clean water.
  • Less Risk Of Injury To Your Staff – Every time the water bottle runs out, they need to be replaced. One of those water bottles can weigh somewhere in the region of forty pounds, which means that your staff members are at risk of a back injury every time they lift one of those bottles onto the dispenser.
  • No Risk Of Contaminating The Water – Once your new system is installed the water comes direct from the supplier to the glass. There is no risk of contamination, as the water is never in contact with human hands.
  • Significant Savings – In most circumstances, the initial cost of a new water filtration system will be recovered very quickly. This means that over the long term, the business will benefit financially from investing in a filtered water system.
  • Superior Quality Water – Rather than water which has been sitting in a bottle for an unknown period of time, every time staff use the new system, they are getting fresh clean filtered water of the highest quality. Most people comment that the water simply tastes better, and this will encourage staff to make greater use of the facility.

The switch from bottled water to an installed filer system has many other benefits for any company, some of which many organisation’s will not have even considered. But perhaps the most important benefit of all, is the positive impact the switch will have on the environment, which is immeasurable.



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